How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom: Dos and Don'ts

Design Tips to Create Positive Energy in Your Space

create a soothing bedroom with feng shui

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If you had to pick one room in the home, you definitely want to do feng shui in your bedroom. The bedroom is the most important room of the home in feng shui philosophy. Here are tips for feng shui in your bedroom for love, relaxation, and positive energy plus how to avoid bringing negative energy into your sanctuary.


9 Layout Ideas for Better Feng Shui in Your Bedroom

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    Place Your Bed for Good Feng Shui

    Bedroom with mirror and large window, reflecting the door
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    The placement of your bed in relation to the bedroom door is extremely important in feng shui. Here are guidelines for your best bed and door placement for good feng shui:

    • Be sure your bed is in a commanding position. This means that when you are in your bed, you’re facing the door, but you should not be directly in line with the door.
    • You don’t want any doors to open up directly in line with the bed. Especially avoid the “coffin position” where your feet point out the door.
    • Place your headboard against a solid wall where there is not a door.
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    Get a Headboard

    bed with headboard for best feng shui
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    A headboard represents stability and support in your life, especially in your romantic relationships. The best headboards are solid, without any perforations. For example, a headboard made of bars may make you or your partner feel like prisoners in the room.

    Be sure to fasten your headboard securely to the bed so you can feel the most support and strength in your life.

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    Declutter Underneath Your Bed

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    Take a good look at what you have stored under your bed. The items under our beds affect you while you’re asleep in a passive “yin” state. Whatever you have under there may also represent or create subconscious blocks in your life.

    Letters from ex-partners may keep you stuck in your current relationship status. Shoes can keep you feeling like you’re moving rather than resting. Luggage might keep you on the go and never feeling quite at home.

    It’s time to clear out the space under your bed. If possible, it’s recommended to have no storage at all under the bed. Then, the qi (life force energy) can flow freely all around and rejuvenate you while you’re sleeping. If you must utilize it for some kind of storage, stick to soft, sleep-related items like linens, blankets, and pillows.

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    Reduce Electronics in the Bedroom

    laptop and coffee mug on bed
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    The presence of devices in your bedroom can disrupt your sleep. If you have trouble getting a good night’s rest, try your best to keep electronics out of the bedroom. Buying an alarm clock and reading only books are two ways to keep you entertained and engaged without needing a phone or other electronics.

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    Set up a Pair of Nightstands

    bedroom with complementary nightstands
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    Two nightstands are better than only one, as the asymmetry can be off-putting. It also allows for each partner (or future partner) to have their own space and storage.

    They don't have to match, but rather they should be complementary and balanced. It helps create space and harmony for you and your relationship.

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    Incorporate Feng Shui-Friendly Colors

    bedroom with gray blue and black accents
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    The best feng shui bedroom colors express passion and love in your bedroom. If you desire a little more excitement in your bedroom, try adding some splashes of red. Earthy and neutral colors provide more support and relaxation. If you’re looking for rejuvenation and vitality, try blues and greens. Pinks and peaches are ideal hues for attracting a partnership.

    Most importantly, sense and pay attention to what colors you’re attracted to. Sometimes we know exactly what we need if we just listen.

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    Be Selective About Your Art

    pink bedroom with art on the wall
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    The artwork in your bedroom can say a lot about your personal life and affect how you feel about your life. If you want to feng shui your bedroom for love and romance, put photos of your family in other rooms in the house. If you’re single and looking for a partnership, avoid images of single people or objects. Instead, focus on artwork that depicts couples, or two items in the image, or choose artwork that comes in pairs.

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    Move the Books Out

    Book and coffee cup in the bedroom. Too many books is too active.
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    You may love books, but if you have trouble feeling relaxed in your bedroom, it’s time to find a new home for them.

    Keep the book you’re currently reading on your nightstand. But you need to clear the stacks of books on the floor or bookshelf in the bedroom. Books contain active energy and stimulate the mind. For a more restful night’s sleep, try moving the books out of the space.

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    Keep Your Home Gym out of the Bedroom

    home workout equipment hanging on and near a door

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    Workout gear is very "yang," meaning it is a source of active energy. While this can be great in other areas of your home, it’s not very helpful in your bedroom. You want the bedroom to be more "yin" to help you rest and sleep, so it’s best to keep exercise equipment in another area of your home.

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    Keep Your Work Life Separate

    warm bedroom with desk

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    Similarly to home workout equipment, the bedroom is also not the best place for a home office. Having your desk and work materials right next to your bed can make it harder to wind down in the evening, and can also make it harder to stay focused and alert during the day.

    If you don’t have the space elsewhere in your home to create a dedicated office, do your best to create some separation within your bedroom with a curtain, folding screen, or bookshelf. If you don’t have room for that either, try covering your desk at the end of each day with a beautiful piece of cloth.

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    Consider Your Bed Size

    Modern bedroom with black and gold accents

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    If you’re hoping to invite a partner into your life, make sure there is space for both of you. While twin beds are fine for children, they’re not ideal for an adult in a relationship, since there is no room for another person.

    There is such a thing as too big of a bed, though. King-sized beds generally require a box spring that comes in two separate pieces, which disrupts the connection and harmony between two partners. Look for a bed that doesn't need a split box spring or opt for a platform bed.

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    Add Vibrant Green Plants

    light and airy white bedroom with many plants

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    Living green plants is considered good feng shui for the bedroom because they add vibrant life energy to a space. Keep in mind the lighting, heat, and humidity of your bedroom, and choose a plant that will thrive there.

    Plants invite restorative energy and growth in all areas of your life. Be sure to choose a plant that works with the available light in the room. Also if you're new to plants, try one that's easy to care for, like a pothos, so any greenery in your bedroom doesn't look sickly if you forget to tend to it.


    Greenery is great, but there's some feng shui debate about plants in the bedroom. The best course of action is to avoid making your bedroom into a jungle of plants. One or two plants are perfect; more than that may invite too much energy into your space and disrupt your sleep.

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    Choose Bed Linens Intentionally

    black and brown bedroom with striped linens

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    You spend a lot of hours resting and sleeping in your bed, so it’s a good idea to consider what you’re surrounding yourself with and sleeping on during this time.

    Choose the color of your bed linens based on what you would like to invite into your life—remember red for passion and soothing neutrals for relaxation.

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    Bring in Fresh Flowers

    bedroom with wood furniture and fresh white tulips in a vase

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    For cut flowers, choose blooms that you are attracted to. Select them by looking up the meanings of certain flowers, too. Always keep the water fresh and dispose of the flowers when they are expired.

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    Cleanse Your Bedroom

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    Take time and clear your bedroom regularly. Smudge the bedroom or diffuse the space with sweet orange oil to uplift your bedroom's feng shui and energy.

Feng Shui Don'ts for Bedrooms

There are plenty of things considered bad feng shui for your bedroom. Here are additional tips for feng shui that does not belong in the bedroom and more important points on how to position a bed:

  • Don't put your bed where it will face a mirror or the reflection could disturb your sleep.
  • Don't place your headboard against a wall that has a toilet on the other side or your good fortune could be flushed away.
  • Don’t place your bed under any low beams, soffits, or sloped ceilings or you will feel pressure.
  • Don't place water fountains, water features, or images of water in your bedroom or good fortune and love could wash away.
  • Don't push the side of your bed up against a wall. Make sure your bed is positioned on a wall where you have space available on three sides of the bed (left, right, and foot) so that energy is not trapped.
  • Don't hang a chandelier over your bed because it may cause harsh light and feelings of unease if something is dangling above you at night.