How to Find a Dress for the Mother of the Groom

Black groom dancing with mother at reception
Roberto Westbrook / Getty Images

While the mother of the groom may not be the star of the wedding, it's still a special day for her. You can help make the day even more enjoyable by finding the perfect dress that's appropriate for the wedding and satisfies her comfort and design needs. However, doing this can be easier said than done. Rather than going out and buying any old simple dress, a deserving mom will need a dress that's as beautiful as she is. To make it easier for mom, her son, and future daughter-in-law can help her find the right dress that honestly complements her without competing with other key wedding party guests, like the mother of the bride.

Finding a Dress

Kick-off your hunt for the right wedding ceremony dress by talking directly to the mother of the bride. By finding out what she plans to wear first, you can get inspired without copying her dress. Plus, you won't want to be in a casual suit if she's in a ball gown. Make sure to also ask her what color she's planning to buy, so that you can consider coordinating colors without matching entirely.

For instance, if she says she's wearing a champagne-colored ball gown with sequins, you might want to wear a lavender or silver ball gown that's complimentary to her attire. On the other hand, if the mother of the bride decides to go for a more casual outfit, like a classic blouse and sweater for an outdoor wedding, you might want to wear a simple dress. The only way to know the right direction you should go in for your dress is by discussing the fashion plan together, as she (or the couple) may have specific ideas about what you should wear. It's nothing to fear, as if anyone's opinions end up conflicting, you can easily defer to the bride.

Where to Shop

Although you can search online, it may be best to go old school and try some dresses on in the store. Look at department stores, bridal salons, and anywhere you can shop for evening clothes. While you may find stores that sell specific mother-of-the-groom dresses, price tags can be outrageous, as some places charge more for a dress that's intended for a wedding. For a more casual wedding, you can likely find a dress at Ann Taylor, JCrew, Talbots, or a local boutique.

Be Flexible

The most important thing is to be coordinated with the rest of the wedding. If everyone else is wearing light colors, you'll stand out garishly in a bold red dress. Most importantly, you don't want to upstage the bride or her mother, which can easily cause hurt feelings. However, you should still look like yourself, and feel comfortable in what you're wearing. While you need to collaborate with the mother of the groom and wear dresses that match in length and formality, you don't need to look like twins. Hopefully, this will allow you to find a dress that you'll be able to wear again.