Find a Free Flu Shot Clinic

Free Flu Shot Clinics Still Exist

Child receiving a free flu shot
Find a free flu shot clinic near you. Photo © JGI/Tom Grill/Getty Images

As a single parent on a budget, it can be hard to come up with the extra cash to pay $25-$30 per flu shot for each person in your household, particularly if you have young children who need two shots. Then again, the thought of having to possibly take one or two weeks off from work, if the flu winds up cycling through your family, isn't easy to contemplate, either. Fortunately, free flu shot clinics do still exist, but finding them can take a little detective work.

Try the following suggestions to locate a free flu shot clinic—or at least a reasonably priced option—in your area:

Free Flu Shots for Adults and Children

  • Search for Free Flu Shots Online - Using your favorite search engine, type the phrase "free flu shot" in quotation marks, and the name of your city.
  • Visit Your State's Heath Department Web Site - Many states are making free seasonal flu shots available to the public. Contact your state's health department website for dates and locations in your area.
  • Contact Your Insurance Company - If you have health insurance, contact the company directly to see whether they offer free flu shot clinics or vouchers.
  • Look for Flu Shot Coupons - Many large pharmacies, such as Walgreens and CVS, are making reasonably-priced flu shots available to help families save money. Check your newspaper circular for coupons, or visit the pharmacy's website for more information.

    Free Flu Shots for the Uninsured

    • CVS stores, in conjunction with Direct Relief USA to provide free flu shots to unemployed individuals.
    • To find a participating location near you, visit