How to Fold Blankets

Patterned and cream-colored blankets folded on top of white bedsheets

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There's nothing like a nice, thick blanket to help you feel warm and cozy on a cold winter's night. That fuzzy texture and softness is the ultimate definition of comfort, only followed by grabbing a big mug of hot chocolate and sitting by a roaring fire. However, as wonderful as that is, blankets can be bulky, and if you own a large collection of them, storing them may be a challenge. Follow our tips and tricks for space-saving ways to fold blankets, and storing them might just become that much more manageable.

Try the Rolling Method

First, fully unfold the blanket and stretch it out on your bed or other large surface. Hold two of the short ends and bring them over to the other two short ends, which will give you a smaller rectangle. Straighten out any creases, then fold it in the same direction again, so that you have a thin rectangle. Get any creases out again, then starting at one of the short ends, start rolling the blanket tightly, like you would a Swiss roll. Store multiple blankets together on a shelf or in a basket to help them keep their tightly rolled shapes.

Fuzzy tan blanket rolled on bed for storage

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Fold Blankets Into Squares

As with the rolling method, start out by unfolding the blanket, bringing the short ends together, making sure there are no wrinkles, then folding the blanket over again until you end up with a thin rectangle. Starting with one of the short ends, fold over enough of it to make a square, then fold it over again, and again, until you end up with a neat, square-shaped fold.

Fuzzy tan blanket folded into square shape on top of bed

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How to Fold a Bulky Blanket

For a larger or particularly bulky blanket, lay it out on a flat surface, flattening out any creases. Then, starting with one of the long sides, fold it in toward the middle. Do the same with the other long side, so the two meet in the center. Then, fold the one side over the other so you have one long rectangle. Fold each of the short ends so they meet in the middle, then insert of the ends into the opening of the other, shuffling it in as far as it'll go. This way, the bulky blanket will stay folded and won't have a chance to unravel itself.

Bulky patterned blanket folded as long rectangle on bed

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How to Fold a Thin Blanket

To fold a thin or smaller blanket, unfold it, then fold the long side over a third of the way. Take the other long side and fold it over top of it. Then, starting at one of the short ends of the blanket, start beginning to fold it into a rectangular shape, getting rid of any creases or wrinkles as you go, then flattening it out when it's fully folded.

Thin patterned blanket folded into thirds on top of bed

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Vacuum-Seal Blankets

If you have blankets or comforters that you only use for one or two seasons but they take up half of your closet space, consider purchasing vacuum storage bags. They'll keep your blankets clean and dust-free so they're ready to be used again next year, while saving you valuable space.

Thick cream-colored blanket placed in vacuum-seal bag

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Get Creative With Storage

Sure, you can store blankets in your linen closet or a dresser, but if you're short on storage space, get creative with where you store them. For frequently used blankets, instead of them all ending up on your living room sofa, get a woven or other decorative basket and using the rolling method, fold the blankets and place them in the basket. Not only does this create storage where there previously wasn't any, but it also adds a cozy decorative touch to your home and makes the blankets easily accessible.

Similarly, if you have blankets that are particularly visually appealing or that you perhaps picked up on a fun vacation trip abroad, fold them neatly into squares and place them on a lower shelf of a bookcase. Not only will it make them easy to grab, but it's a great way to add in some texture to your bookcase and balance out all the books, picture frames and decorative items your shelves are styled with.

For another option that combines both storage and display, consider a blanket ladder. It's a great space-saving and decorative solution that can hold several blankets, add a nice accent to a blank wall, and keep your favorites visible and easily accessible.

Rolled blankets stuffed in a wicker basket

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