How to Get a Free Territorial Seed Company Catalog

The Spring 2018 Territorial Seed Company catalog
 Territorial Seed Company

The free Territorial Seed Company catalog is a seed catalog that you can request to help you plan your garden and order the seeds you need for your spring garden.

Inside the Territorial Seed Company catalog, you'll find vegetable, flower, crop, herb, organic, and sprouting seeds. You'll also find live plants and bulbs as well as a wide selection of garden supplies. They also have open-pollinated varieties and Heirloom Seeds. After you've requested your free Territorial Seed Company catalog, check out these free online garden planners and tips on how to get free seeds.

How to Request a Free Territorial Seed Company Catalog

If you'd like to get a free Territorial Seed Company catalog sent to you in the mail, you'll want to visit Territorial Seed Company and fill out the form with your name, address, email address, and phone number.​

Choose your privacy settings under the catalog request form and click Request Catalog to send off your request. Note that you don't have to choose to sign up for their email newsletter or receive other catalogs to get the free Territorial Seed Company catalog.

The new Territorial Seed Company catalogs are mailed out the last week of December every year and you should receive it shortly after that. They begin taking requests late fall and at that time you can get on the catalog request list.

While you're waiting to receive their catalog, you can browse all their products online. Their online spring growing guide and fall and winter growing guide gives you tons of information to help you decide what you want to grow this year. There is also a garden planner will help you get a head start planning out your garden before spring hits.

Territorial Seed Company Catalog Restrictions

The Territorial Seed Company catalog is only available to be mailed out for free to those who live in the United States. If you live outside the United States, you'll need to pay $5 to receive the catalog.

Inside the Territorial Seed Company Catalog

The Territorial Seed Company catalog is divided into color-coded sections for vegetables, cover crops, herbs, flowers, fruit, and gardening supplies. Within each section, you'll find an alphabetical list of the seeds available. 

Each category of seed tells you everything you need to know about growing including seed depth, spacing, soil temperature, days to germination, diseases, and insects you have to worry about, and information on harvest. This is a great resource for beginner gardeners or gardeners who are diving into a new vegetable for the first time.

In each variety, there is a color photo, description, and price information. You can order your seeds from Territorial Seed Company in the catalog order form, over the phone, or from their website.

Tip: There used to be a planting chart inside the Territorial Seed Company catalog but you can now find the planting chart online as a PDF.

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