How to get Married in Scotland

Scotland's ID Requirement:

Scotland requires that you two have your birth certificates, Passports or other identity documents. You will also need to provide a certificate from your country of residence stating that there is no impediment to you getting married.

As of February 1, 2005, you need to apply for a visa before you travel to Scotland to get married.

Residency Requirement in Scotland:

None. However, you both will need to submit a marriage notice to the registrar for the district where the wedding will take place. The forms must be submitted at least 15 days prior to your wedding, and not more than 3 months before your wedding.

Previous Marriages:

If you are divorced or widowed, you need to show evidence such as an original death certificate or divorce certificate with the original court seal. They will not accept photocopies. If your divorce was granted in a country other than Scotland, you will need to provide the absolute or final decree.

Covenant Marriage Option:


Waiting Period:

How long you have to wait to get married in Scotland depends on how long it takes you to get the required paperwork completed and submitted.


At the registrar's office £93.50; there may be additional fees. Contact the registrar's office for more information.

Other Tests in Scotland:


Proxy Marriages:


Cousin Marriages in Scotland:


Common Law Marriages in Scotland:

In 2006 Scotland's Family Law Act abolished "marriage by cohabitation with habit and repute" aka common law marriage.

Same Sex Marriages:

Yes. The Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill allowing same-sex weddings was passed by the Scottish Parliament in February 2014. It is possible that weddings for gay couples can take place there in autumn 2014.

Age Requirement:

Both of you must be at least 16 years of age. Scotland does not have a requirement for parental consent.


If you are having a religious ceremony, you must have a minister, clergyman, pastor, priest or other person entitled to do so under the Marriage (Scotland) Act 1977. If you are having a civil marriage, it may be solemnized only by a registrar or an assistant registrar who has been authorized by the Registrar General.


You need to have two witnesses in Scotland, both over the age of 16.

Further Information:

Marriage Section
General Register Office for Scotland
New Register House
3 West Register Street
Tel: 0131 314 4447
Fax: 0131 314 4532
International: Tel: +44 131 314 4447
Fax:+44 131 314 4532


Marriage license requirements often change. The above information is for guidance only and should not be regarded as legal advice.It is important that you verify all information with the local marriage license office before making any wedding or travel plans.