How to Get Started Landscaping

Clueless Corner: If You're Lost or in Limbo, Here Are Some Answers

A forsythia hedge (image) is set off by evergreens. It's a striking driveway planting.
If you wish to learn how to have a colorful yard, you've come to the right place. David Beaulieu

If you do not quite know how to get started landscaping (or are plagued by so many basic questions that you feel overwhelmed), then you have come to the right place. I have affectionately termed this page the "Clueless Corner." Do not take that the wrong way: it is simply meant to evoke the very popular Dummies and Complete Idiot's Guide book series. Nobody knows everything, and everyone has to start at the beginning at some point to acquaint oneself with a topic. In that sense, we are all "dummies," "idiots," or -- yes -- "clueless."

Now that you have made it here, how much you do not know about landscaping is not important. What is important is how well you take advantage of the resources that I have made available to help you get started landscaping. Below, I describe and link to those resources, all of which are free.

Learn the Right Way to Landscape Immediately

The following three tutorials will give you much of the knowledge you need to know to hit the ground running in your pursuit of landscaping excellence:

Learn From the Mistakes of Others

Some folks prefer to learn how not to do something first, then graduate to learning how to do it the proper way. Indeed, we can learn a lot from the mistakes made by others. These articles transform their misfortune into helpful warnings for you, so that you need not follow in their ill-considered footsteps:

"I'm Too Impatient to Read First. Tell Me What to Plant!"

While I urge you to do some research prior to buying plants and planting them, I do understand that the more impetuous among you just are not built that way. You are eager to get at least a few things in the ground first; you will catch up on your reading later regarding the finer points. All right, here are two articles that will help you make intelligent buying decisions at the garden center. The first steers you to plants that are beginner-friendly, needing little care. The second is a more comprehensive article meant to give you ideas to aid you in selecting plants; think of it as a glance into the wide, wide world of plants:

Other Readings to Get You Started

Or maybe you are an aficionado of those old standbys used to impart knowledge to beginners, the FAQ and the database. Never fear, I offer those, as well:

Interact With Me on Social Media

You can keep up-to-date on the new landscaping plants that I am testing, new DIY landscaping projects that I am undertaking, etc. by following me on social media:

  • Facebook is the most suitable platform on which to interact with me if you have specific questions to ask.
  • I am on Twitter, too if you want to follow me, but its tight character limit makes it unsuitable for questions and answers involving any kind of detail.
  • Fewer people use Google+, but if you like it, feel free to establish contact with me over there.
  • Since landscaping is a visual topic, Pinterest is, in many ways, an ideal way to keep up with what I am doing. I am constantly uploading pictures of plants, etc. that I am working with or interested in onto my Pinterest boards. I snap photos of plants whenever I visit botanical gardens (which is frequently), and I am eager to share my finds with my followers on Pinterest.
  • You can browse pictures from my various landscaping photo galleries to gain ideas for your own yard.