10 Essentials You Need to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

getting your home ready for spring

Kathy Kuo Home

Spring has sprung—and suddenly, your around-the-house to-do list just quadrupled. Perhaps you’re looking around your home, both indoors and out, wondering which spring cleaning project to attack today. First, take a minute to consider if you have all the must-have items you’ll need to make this spring your home’s cleanest, most efficient, and—most importantly—most memorable season yet.  

Not sure? Read on for 10 essentials you’ll need to get your home ready for spring.

A Pressure Washer

There are few spring cleaning tasks as satisfying as a session with a pressure washer. So long, grease, grime, dirt, and build-up of all kinds! A power washer can transform a dingy area into a glistening space—one you might not even recognize.

Take the pressure washer to all areas of your outdoor space, from the exterior of your house to your driveway, walkway, sidewalk, and (if you have the proper drainage) even your garage floor.

Fresh Air Filters

Before the temperatures rise enough to crank on the air conditioning, remember to replace your HVAC filters. "Changing your filter is an important part of regular home maintenance,” Doug Huntley, director of global research and development for the home environments market at 3M, says.

For heating and cooling systems, Huntley suggests changing the filters every three months for maximum effectiveness. The life of an air filter can depend on the home’s environment and surroundings though, so if you have pets or there’s nearby construction work, consider changing your air filters more frequently.

Carpet Cleaner

There’s a good chance your carpet got put through the wringer this winter. Just think: salty boots, muddy shoes, and the needles from your Christmas tree that you’re still finding. This spring, give your carpet a deep clean to lift stains, so your carpet will look fresh for the new season. 

getting your home ready for spring

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Patio Furniture

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor living space, take advantage of it with patio furniture worthy of backyard hangs. “In the past, outdoor furniture generally included a mix of a sofa and a chaise, but now we see seating configurations that feel very much like an indoor living room adapted for outdoor use,” Mary Maydan of Maydan Architects says.

For starters, you’ll want a few spots to sit, a place (within arm’s reach) to set a drink, and a rug to tie the space together. As you’re shopping for outdoor furniture, take interior designer Kathy Kuo’s advice. "Aside from making sure you love the look of the outdoor furnishings and measuring properly, the most important factor to keep in mind is the materials the pieces are made from,” Kuo says.


Kuo recommends powder-coated aluminum, concrete, teak wood, rattan and wicker, and Sunbrella performance fabrics, since durability is key to withstanding the scorching sun and unpredictable summer storms. 

Gardening Supplies

Whether you’re planting rows of vegetables, beds of flowers, or simply a petite pot of herbs for your windowsill, gardening supplies are at the top of springtime essentials. Consider what tools, soil, and seeds you'll need. Unfortunately, you can't buy a green thumb, but you can purchase all the gardening gloves, trowels, and begonia seeds your heart desires.

Outdoor Decor

Whether you have a patio or not, there are plenty of springy ways to spruce up your small outdoor space. A spring wreath and floral doormat welcome both you and your guests—and undoubtedly cheers up the entire neighborhood too.

outdoor space

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Café Lights

“It's important to make your home feel welcoming for the season of BBQs and hosting,” Paula Boston, visual merchandiser and lighting expert at Festive Lights, says. Outdoor lights—whether classic café lights, twinkling fairy lights, or otherwise—keep the party going long after the sun sets.

For a springy feel, Boston recommends fairy lights, which can be set on a six-hour timer, so you never have to remember to turn them off.

“Introducing natural lighting or designs that mimic the spring season will add a wonderful element of textured detail to your home and provide a sense of carefree charm wherever the lights are used,” she says.

getting your home ready for spring

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A Grill Cleaning Kit

Goodbye, grimy grill grates. Get your grill in good shape with a cleaning kit, preferably one that includes gloves, and a bag large enough for two racks. Let the formula attack all burnt-on grease, then rinse—no scrubbing required. You’ll be craving burgers and brats before you know it. 

Appliance Cleaners

Stock up on cleaning supplies for your coffee maker, dishwasher, washing machine, and garbage disposal. They all need occasional scrub-downs, and spring is the perfect time for a fresh start.

Begin by descaling your coffee maker, then clearing the limestone and other minerals from your dishwasher. Pop a garbage disposal cleaner tablet down your drain to take care of odors, and then use a washing machine cleaner tablet to deep clean your washer, helping to remove build-up.

A Pooper Scooper

If you have a four-legged friend, who knows what you'll find on your lawn once the snow melts. To keep your front and back yard in tip-top shape all spring (and summer and fall) long, invest a few dollars in a pooper scooper. You can thank us later.