6 Ways to Hang Garland Without Damaging Your Walls

Festive holiday garland hanging on the wall above a door

The Spruce / Marty Baldwin

A festive garland is one of the best ways to bring holiday cheer to the interior and exterior of your home. There's nothing like the smell of a fresh evergreen garland or the magic of the soft glow of a pre-lit one. While it's a fun way to deck the halls, repairing damage caused to the walls when hanging the garland is not quite as much fun. To avoid patching up large nail holes and having to repaint, we're here to share six clever and discreet ways to hang a garland without damaging your walls. From self-adhesive hooks to fishing lines, scroll down for tips and tricks to hang your garland without a power drill, hammer, or nails.

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    Self-Adhesive Hooks

    Evergreen garland hanging around a kitchen window

    Finding Lovely

    Self-adhesive hooks are one of the best ways to hang a garland without putting any holes in your walls. They come in various sizes that can hold different amounts of weight, so check to make sure you purchase hooks that are large enough to hold both the weight and the size of the branches on the garland. The self-adhesive hooks work on multiple surfaces, from drywall to tile, therefore they'll work just as well on a wall around your door frame as they will on the tiled backsplash surrounding your kitchen window such as this festive nook by Finding Lovely. \

    Use multiple hooks to secure the garland, placing one on each end as well as several mid-points throughout the length of the garland.

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    Fishing Line

    Evergreen garland hanging above a kitchen window

    @milkandhoneylife / Instagram

    Hanging a fresh evergreen garland above your window as Milk and Honey Life did in their charming kitchen is a great way to add a natural festive element to your home. Instead of using nails and a hammer to attach it, consider using a fishing line. There are two main benefits to using a fishing line—it's made from strong nylon that doesn't easily snap and it's transparent, so it's not visually distracting. Tie loops made out of fishing line onto your garland and hang them on self-adhesive hooks on the wall or off a curtain rod, or tie them directly to the window frame or hardware if possible.

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    Floral Wire

    Evergreen garland hanging around a door frame

    @modernhousevibes / Instagram

    A garland made of evergreen branches and decorated with whimsical white snowflakes gives a playful holiday feel to this living room by Modern House Vibes. If you only have small self-adhesive hooks that aren't large enough for you to tuck the garland around, floral wire is a great trick you can use.

    Floral wire is inexpensive and is usually green, which means it'll blend in seamlessly with the garland. Make sure to use wire cutters to cut your floral wire to size, as you could easily damage your scissors if you tried to use them. Using the wire, tie loops around the garland branches and use those to hang the garland off the hooks on the wall. Nobody will ever notice and if the garland is artificial, once it's time to take it down at the end of the season, leave the loops on for next year.

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    Clear Hooks

    Red bead garland hanging on kitchen backsplash

    @kirsten.diane / Instagram

    A cranberry garland, whether strung from fresh cranberries or made from red beads such as this one in Kirsten.Diane's kitchen adds that warm touch of red that's synonymous with the holiday season. Unlike a garland made from bushy greenery that makes it easy to conceal a hook on the wall or loops made from green floral wire, this type of garland doesn't conceal the tool you use to hang it. That's where clear self-adhesive hooks come in—they are available in various sizes and are made from clear plastic that blends right in with the background while securing the garland in place.

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    Zip Ties

    Garland hanging above a bed in a bedroom

    @homestead.city.dwelling / Instagram

    Incorporate holiday cheer into every inch of your home including the bedrooms by hanging a garland above the bed like Homestead City Dwelling in this cozy room. Similar to the floral wire, zip ties are a great way to attach your garland to the wall. Either tie loops onto the garland using zip ties and hang those off hooks on the wall or if there is artwork hanging on the wall above the bed, take it down for the holiday season. If the existing nails in the wall are positioned at the correct height for the garland, hang the zip tie loops directly off those nails.

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    Garland Hanger

    Evergreen garland around exterior door

    @lemonleafhomeinteriors / Instagram

    A fresh green garland around the front door like this one by Lemon Leaf Home Interiors is the best way to welcome guests to your home during the festive months. If you don't want to damage your exterior door frame or siding, consider purchasing a garland hanger that's specifically designed to hold a garland around a door. Usually made from a decorative metal, it fits around and attaches to the top of the door and provides a frame to loop your garland through to secure it without any power tools or a hammer.