How to Hire Movers Quickly or Rent a Truck for a Last Minute Move

Tips for Planning a Last-Minute Move on a Tight Timeline

Moving moving boxes with a cart
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Ideally, most people need a minimum of eight weeks to plan and pack for a move. However, last-minute moves are also common, with some people having to move in four weeks or less. So, if a quick move is in your immediate plans, here’s an easy guide to hiring movers or renting a moving truck for a last minute move.

Do Your Research

This is something you shouldn’t scrimp on – finding a good mover. I recommend taking the same steps to find a mover as someone who has more time to plan their move. Regardless of your short time frame, it’s still important to ensure the movers are reputable, especially since some of the more popular moving companies may already be booked. Ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations. Do a thorough screening. Ask all the questions you need to ask. Take the time to do this. It’s that important.

Ask the Right Questions

Even though you're hiring movers at the last minute, it's still important to ask the right questions to make sure you're getting good service. 

The most important questions to ask are about mover fees, services provided and ensuring that the movers do an in-house estimate. You should also ask for references and if the mover has a US DOT number. You'll need to know which type of move you're making and what kind of estimate is right. Just remember that hiring the right mover shouldn't necessarily be about the cheapest price, but the best service. 

Tips for Renting a Truck Quickly

The same thing applies to renting a truck. Get quotes, ask questions, and compare companies. Depending on the time of year, truck rentals may be difficult to come by, in particular, if you’re moving during the summer. If you find it hard to secure a truck, consider other options, such as renting a couple of vans, or a smaller truck and making multiple pick-ups. While this is not ideal, it can work if you’re move date is inflexible. Keep all options open.