How to Host a Hollywood Worthy Oscar Party

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    Roll Out The Red Carpet

    Champagne Oscar Cocktails
    Oscar Cocktails. Lady Lux

    Roll out the red carpet because Oscar season is upon us. The star-studded event is always one of my most favorite times of the year. The glamour, beauty and nostalgia that award show is famous for never fails to disappoint. Did I mention I love watching the ladies step onto the carpet in those breathtaking gowns? Can we talk about those dapper men in suits?! A fantasy of mine is to be a part of the fun, in the meantime I can help you plan an award winning night for you and your best buds! 

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    Red Carpet

    Red Carpet
    Red Carpet.

    Literally roll out that red carpet. Any piece of red fabric will do, visit your local fabric store and request a small role of their best Oscar Red. Trim down the fabric yourself to make a narrow aisle for your guests grand entrance. If you are feeling festive, I say go with the red velvet fabric. You can also pick one up from Party City form $7.

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    Movie Worthy Snacks

    Popcorn Bucket Printable
    Popcorn Bucket Printables. Brit+Co

    Step up that trip to the movie snack counter with gourmet snack options. Have fun with the popcorn offerings I love this list of 50 pop-corn flavors ranging from ranch, parmesan-rosemary and truffle! Don't forget the extra butter for your traditional pals. Make your own custom popcorn bucket printables from Brit+Co.

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    Cinematic Cocktails

    Champagne Oscar Cocktails
    Oscar Cocktails. Lady Lux

    Create a cocktail based off your favorite film of the night. Maybe your guests would like a cocktail named 'The Revenant' to support their favorite leading man Leo DiCaprio in his quest for his first Oscar.

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    Candy Counter

    Gold Candy Buffet
    Candy Buffet.

     In addition to classic popcorn, a friendly staple at every movie theater, you know you love picking out some candy to accompany you in the theater. Grab a mix of chocolate, gummy and nuts for your guests to indulge. Put out small bowls of each so they can get samples of their favorites without falling into a sugar comma. Love a good mix of sweet and savory in stylish dishes

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    HOLLYWOOD signage

    Hollywood Sign
    Hollywood Cut-Outs.

    So to get your guests in the spirit, I say take the time to cut out your very own Hollywood sign to prop up behind your sofa. Nothing says lala-land and glam like these 9 magical letters. I promise you will love the photo ops the lettering presents.

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    Get Into Character

    Penelope Cruz
    Oscar Glam.

    Ask your friends to dress up like there favorite Hollywood siren past or present. You will love to see a Penelope Cruz, Audrey Hepburn or statesque Charlize Theron appear at your door. These people play pretend for a living so why not celebrate and do the same on this fun day. Oscar gowns not required but encouraged.

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    Polaroids. Martha Stewart

    Invest in a polaroid camera and play paparazzi for your friends. Better yet, hire a photographer or ask a friend who loves snapping shots to be in charge of photos for the night. Between the celebrity look a likes and Hollywood sign you will be creating memories for a lifetime on this special night.

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    DIY Voting Ballot
    DIY Oscar Ballot. DIY Studio

    Cast your votes for big awards like Best Actor/Actress and Best Film at the beginning of the night. Winner will have bragging rights for a whole year. Before the party make a little ballot that guests can submit before the show. Love this simple design from DIY Studio.

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    The Trophies

    Chocolate Trophies
    Chocolate Trophies.

    Everyone can be a winner at your Oscar glam shindig. I found this awesome recipe from Martha Stewart to make chocolate Oscars made from trophy molds. These might take some time to prepare in advance but the looks on your friends faces will be priceless when you present them with their award. Don't forget to egg on the speech!