How to Install a Bi-Fold Door Yourself

Bi fold door that leads out to patio
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    Getting Started

    Bi-fold Door
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    Bi-fold doors have long been a staple of homes because they are lightweight, inexpensive, and can be installed by one person.

    While they are not designed to soundproof a room or keep out intruders, they do an excellent job at providing one basic service: covering areas that you would prefer not to see, such as laundry nooks, pantries, wardrobes, and general storage areas.

    Putting up the door itself is easy. Fitting the hardware into the door frame can the tricky part. To install your bi-fold door you'll need the door itself, a lightweight hammer, a cordless drill, and drill bits. 

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    Find the End Pin Hole

    Install Bi-Fold Door - Place Pin
    Lee Wallender

    Locate the top end of the door. Due to the number of unusual parts, it is a good idea to prepare materials as close as possible to how they will be in the end product. So in this case, set the door on the end and climb on a chair or ladder to see the top of the door.

    Here you will find two holes. Locate the hole that you intend to be the "hinge end."  The hinge end is the side that will be closest to the door frame.

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    Install End Pin

    Place End Pin on Bi Fold Door
    Lee Wallender

    The hardware kit that came with the bi-fold door should include three pins:

    • Smooth metal pin
    • Roller pin with a nylon wheel on it
    • Metal, ridged pin

    For this step, choose the smooth pin. Push the pin into the hole that you located in the previous step. Make certain it goes in as far as it can. Tap lightly with the hammer if needed.

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    Place Roller Pin in Door

    Place Roller Pin In Bi Fold Door
    Lee Wallender

    Remain on the ladder.

    Push in the roller pin with the wheel as far as you can in the other hole. This is the end of the bi-fold door that will be sliding through the guide.

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    Hammer in the Roller Pin

    Hammer in Roller Pin in Bi Fold Door
    Lee Wallender

    Tap the roller pin lightly with a hammer to set the pin all the way in.

    Because the roller pin has a plastic wheel, it will break if hammered too hard. If you happen to have a rubber mallet, this is best. If not, use your lightest hammer and gently tap it in.

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    Push in Bottom Pin

    Tap in Bottom Pin of Bi Fold Door
    Lee Wallender

    Now you should have one pin left: the ridged pin.

    Get off the ladder. Unless you happen to have a couple of sawhorses handy, you can set the ladder on its side as a temporary sawhorse for this next step. Or simply lay the door on the floor.

    Lay the bi-fold door across the ladder. Insert the pin on the end of the door that will be closest to the door frame (i.e., the "hinge end"). Tap lightly with a hammer to get it all the way in.

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    Install Top Guide

    Install Top Guide of Bi Fold Door
    Lee Wallender

    Screw top metal guide into the top of the door frame. Make sure that the guide is positioned so that the small metal hinge-rest (see photo) is closest to the door frame.

    Since gravity is working against you, it may be difficult to screw in these screws without guide holes. This is where your drill bits come into play.  Begin by drilling a small pilot hole with a drill bit that is smaller than the screw itself.

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    Install Bottom Bracket Between Floor and Door Frame

    Install Bottom Bracket Between Floor and Door Frame
    Lee Wallender

    You're almost finished!

    Install the L-shaped bracket at the junction of the door frame and floor. Two screws placed in the door frame should be sufficient, but an additional hole in the bracket is provided in case you want to screw it into the floor for added strength. Make certain that you are installing the L-shaped bracket in the right direction: the slit with the "teeth" should be horizontal.

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    Install the End Spring

    Install End Spring of Bi Fold Door on Door Frame
    Lee Wallender

    Return to the metal guide at the top of the door frame.

    Push in the spring assembly into the end of the guide farthest away from the "hinge end" of the door. This should snap in by hand. Do not hammer it, as it will break easily.

    At this point, it is a matter of putting the door on.  It may be helpful to have two people for this step. First, insert the smooth pin into the top metal guide. Swing the bottom of the door into place so that the ridged pin rests in the L-shaped bracket. Do not worry about getting the roller pin in the guide yet. Once the smooth pin and the ridged pins are in place, get on the ladder and gently force the roller pin into the metal guide.