How to Install an Ice Maker in a Refrigerator

Freezer ice maker
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    Installing an Ice Maker

    Ice maker in freezer compartment of refrigerator
    Timothy Thiele

    When purchasing a new refrigerator, you forgot an important addition, an ice maker. So now that you’ve gotten the unit home, you might just as well install the ice maker yourself. Sounds hard you say? Not really. With a few tools and fifteen minutes, you can install an ice maker in your refrigerator.

    Time Required

    Less than 15 Minutes

    Tools Required

    1. Nut drivers
    2. Straight blade screwdriver
    3. Pliers
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    Remove the Plugs and Access Point Covers Inside the Refrigerator

    Ice maker installation plugs removed
    Timothy Thiele

    Open the freezer door and remove the plastic plugs on the back and side of the freezer walls by gently prying them out with a straight blade screwdriver. The two on the side are the mounting holes for the ice maker. The larger cap is the wiring cover plate. The round plug is the access point where the water fill tube comes through the back of the refrigerator.

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    Expose the Water Inlet Hole

    Exposing water inlet hole in freezer
    Timothy Thiele

    In the back of the refrigerator, locate the sticker where the water inlet tube will be installed. It shows that you must cut an “X” through the sticker with a razor knife. Bend the sticker back into the opening and pull out the foam insulating tube. This is a temporary barrier between the cold freezer air and the room air. Simply pull it out to expose the hole.

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    Install the Ice Maker Wiring

    Install ice maker wiring
    Timothy Thiele

    In order to install the ice maker wiring, you’ll need to find the wiring connection point. Located in the back of the freezer in the larger hole you just uncovered, is a wiring harness. Pull it out of the hole and connect it to the Ice maker’s wiring harness. These two wiring harnesses will snap together and lock.

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    Mount the Ice Maker

    Mounting an ice maker in freezer compartment
    Timothy Thiele

    To mount the ice maker, locate the two mounting screws and start the two screws in the side of the refrigerator. Slide the ice maker mounting slots over the mounting screws. Using a nut driver, tighten the two screws until they are snugly tightened.

    Now locate the “L” bracket and the smallest threaded bolt. This mounts under the ice maker to help support it and keep it level. Hold up on the ice maker, press the clamp tightly to the side of the refrigerator, and tighten the bolt.

    Install the ice maker tray and lower the ice maker lever in order for the ice maker to work.

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    Insert the Water Fill Tube

    Ice maker water fill tube
    Timothy Thiele

    Insert the water fill tube into the hole you opened up in the back of the refrigerator. The tube that you insert will have a half-moon shaped tube with the “U” facing up when installed.

    Turn the tube a quarter turn to the left when installing and then turn to the right to lock it in place. The tube has locking clips on the sides of the fill tube.

    Once installed, install the round foam tube insulation over the fill tube and press it into the back channel.

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    Install the Water Tubing

    Installing plastic water fill line for ice maker
    Timothy Thiele

    Screw the plastic tubing connector onto the water fill tube. Using pliers, tighten it securely, but don’t over tighten. The rest of the tubing should be unrolled and left hanging towards the floor.

    Now install the two water hose clamps on the back of the refrigerator. Space the clamps out, pull the stickers off of the back of them, and stick them to the refrigerator. The tubing should extend down to the bottom of the refrigerator.

    Now push the tubing into the water valve water inlet opening (as shown) and pull back on it to be sure it is attached securely. slide-in fitting will secure the tubing itself.

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    Wire the Water Valve

    Ice maker water valve wiring
    Timothy Thiele

    On the bottom right side of the refrigerator, reach into the opening and locate the wiring harness. It is a white plastic plug-in connector with two wires coming out of it. Pull it out and plug it into the water valve electrical connection. Press it over the brass terminals securely. There is no wrong way to connect this valve. Just slide it on the terminals and you're done. No other electrical connection is necessary.

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    Install the Water Valve

    Installing an ice maker water valve
    Timothy Thiele

    In order to install the water valve, remove the back cover and expose the compressor area of the refrigerator. o do this remove the four screws that hold the hardboard cover into place. Using the two mounting screws, install the water valve using the predrilled holes in the back of the refrigerator. Once mounted, reinstall the back cover.

    Now the ice maker is installed. All you need now is to connect the 1/4" water line from your cold water supply via a shutoff tap valve. Turn on the water to the fill valve and check for leaks. The freezer will have to get cold again in order for the ice maker to start making ice.