How To Install Drywall Like a Pro

Construction Worker Built A Drywall
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Drywall is the most popular material for finishing walls in the garage and throughout the house. And for good reason--it is inexpensive, readily available and easy to install. Even the tools needed for a drywall job are affordable. The following checklist will help lead you through the planning, shopping and installation steps necessary for a finished job worthy of a pro, but at a much lower cost.
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    Construction managers planning while standing in messy site
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    Plan ahead to keep material costs and time-consuming tasks to a minimum.
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    Learn how to determine what you will need and how much it will cost.
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    Drywall Cutting Tools

    Drywall Installer Using Rotary Saw to Cut Outlet Hole
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    Drywall panels are easy to cut when you use the right tools. Here's what you will need.
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    How to compare different types of drywall.
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    Drywall Installers
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    Standard 4-foot by 8-foot panels are best for most jobs, but larger panels can save you time and effort in some cases.
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    Preparing For Drywall Patch
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    Different types of joint compound ("mud") are available. Be sure you select the best for your job.
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    Fiber mesh cut
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    The pros and cons of different types of drywall tape.
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    Hanging drywall
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    Step-by-step instructions on "hanging" drywall panels.
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    Cutting Drywall Panels

    Installing Drywall
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    Tips for quick and accurate drywall cutting.
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    Making Cutouts

    hand of electrician in glove installing plastic outlet box
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    How best to cut drywall to fit around electrical boxes and other small items.
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    Construction: Man installing plasterboard
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    Step-by-step instructions on filling and finishing the joints between drywall panels.
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    Finishing Corners

    Applying Mud to Sheetrock
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    Special instructions on finishing inside corners on a drywall job.
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    Broken drywall on a interior ceiling
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    How to patch and repair holes and scratches in drywall.