How to Make a Groovy Disco Ball Planter

Make your space sparkle with this disco ball planter.

Two disco balls on white table.
Olena Ruban / Getty Images
Project Overview
  • Working Time: 40 mins - 1 hr
  • Total Time: 1 - 2 hrs
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Estimated Cost: $25 to $40

A disco ball planter is a stunning statement piece to add to your planter collection. Whether it's to add an extra special touch to an existing plant or become the home for a new one, a disco ball planter is sure to add a sparkly and groovy bit to your space. With the sunlight hitting your disco ball planter, it'll illuminate your space with freckled light and put a smile on both you and your guests' faces.

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Turn a Disco Ball Into a Groovy Hanging Planter

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Utility knife
  • Metal Straw
  • Pencil (optional)


  • Work Gloves
  • Disco ball (solid foam)
  • River rock (optional)
  • Plant soil
  • Macrame hanger
  • Ceiling hanger (optional)


  1. Protect Your Hands

    You will be touching small glass pieces when cutting the disco ball open, so be sure to wear working gloves prior to starting the project to protect yourself.

  2. Extracting Mirror Pieces

    On a flat surface or working table, use a utility knife to carefully and precisely cut 1/3 of the way down the disco ball to extract a row of mirrors. Remove all the mirror pieces in that one row.

  3. Cut a Line Across the Disco Ball

    Cut a line along the empty row across the disco ball. Sketching a line with a pencil across may be helpful if you don't want to freehand the cut. After, pull off the top and discard the remains.

  4. Add Drainage Holes

    With the metal straw, poke several holes on the bottom of the disco ball through the styrofoam to create better drainage for the plant.

  5. Extra Drainage

    To take further steps for extra drainage for your new planter, add river rock to the bottom of the planter. Spread it thoroughly throughout.


    Good drainage is crucial for your plant's overall health for it to avoid standing water and root rot.

  6. Add Soil

    On top of the river rock, or if you decided to skip the step before, place your preferred or suitable soil into the planter. Make sure to place enough soil, so the depth fits the size of the plant you choose.

  7. Pot Plant

    Whether it be repotting back an old plant or potting a new one, make sure the plant properly fits in the disco ball planter. Take the time to pat the soil in well around the plant, and adjust its leaves accordingly to your liking if it spills out of the planter.

  8. Place It in a Macramé Hanger or on Your Desk

    Lastly, place your new sparkly planter in either a macramé hanger to hang on the ceiling, or place it directly on a table if you don't have any place or space to hang it. With its dazzling appearance, it's guaranteed to catch anyone's eyes wherever you decide to place it.

    If you do decide to hang your disco ball planter, make sure the hook you choose and install is durable enough to support the planter's weight.