How to Make a Feng Shui Wealth Vase

Chinese white and blue ceramic jar with lids

Arnold Petersen / Getty Images

Many people become drawn to feng shui for the purpose of inviting more wealth into their life. When we begin to recognize that we have the ability to shift our spaces to support us, we can start to cultivate the confidence and trust within us to create true abundance.

The wonderful thing about feng shui is that the modality employs symbols and practices that allow us to open ourselves up to new ways of connecting with our home, our surroundings, and our own internal and external energies. One such ritual used in feng shui is to create a wealth vase to attract and create our own treasure. Keep reading to learn how to attract wealth and abundance by making your own personal feng shui wealth vase.

What Is a Wealth Vase?

In feng shui, a wealth vase (also known as a wealth jar) is a container filled with valuable objects that can be used strategically to invite and accumulate energy or qi. The purpose of a wealth vase is to receive and hold wealth and prosperity. 

How to Make a Personal Wealth Vase

You can make your own personal wealth vase and fill it with your own special and valuable objects and intentions.

  1. Obtain a Vase or Jar 

    It’s best to select a vase or jar with a lid. Wealth vases typically have a smaller neck and larger belly. The base should be stable and balanced.

    You can select a container with meaningful symbols of wealth. Be sure you select a vase that you are attracted to.

    Any size works, however you may not want one too small or too large. If it’s too small, you will be limited as to how much abundance you can hold. If it’s too large for your space, it can cause things to become out of balance.

  2. Collect Soil

    Collect some soil from a wealthy and abundant source. This could be from a thriving and verdant natural area or land teeming with abundance.

    You must receive the soil with approval from the owner of the land. If it’s from a public natural area, take care to ask the land for permission. Research the source before taking any soil to ensure it's truly a space of abundance.

  3. Collect Five Types of Grain

    The traditional five types of dried grain may include rice, soy beans, barley, millet, and wheat. But you can use any assortment of dried grain or beans that you can find. Place the dried food in a small plastic sealed bag.

  4. Gather Symbols of Wealth

    Next, gather actual valuable objects or symbols of them. Some examples include expensive jewelry, crystals (such as amethyst, citrine, etc), precious metals, gold ingots, Chinese coins—the list goes on. If possible, the real thing is much more valuable to include if you can spare it.

    Take some time to consider what prosperity and abundance mean for you personally. For example, this can be a list or photos and images of your wealth symbols and aspirations, like the large home you hope to own one day, or a valuable diamond.

    Finally, it's very powerful to include currency (such as a $100 bill) that you’ve received from a wealthy person. The currency holds their prosperous wealth qi.

  5. Set an Intention

    Take a moment to meditate and clear your energy. Then, with intention, energetically clear the vase from any previous energies. You can do this with incense, or burning any other botanical. Let the smoke fill the vase and allow it to clear any qi and to make space to welcome new wealth energy.

  6. Assemble the Vase

    Mindfully, begin to fill your vase with the items you have gathered. First, start with the soil as a foundation. The next step is to include the grains. Then you can begin to add the symbols of wealth you have gathered. Ideally, your vase should be filled almost to the top. When completed, you may place the lid on top of the vase.

  7. Seal With the Five Elements

    Finally, obtain five pieces of cloth and ribbons. You need one of each color to represent the five elements: white, black, green, red and yellow. You will layer each cloth on top of the lid in the same order, ending with the yellow cloth on top. Next, braid together the five ribbons and use this to tie the cloth over the mouth/lid of your personal wealth vase. At this time offer your intention to invite wealth and prosperity into your life and home with a humble and pure heart.

Placement for Your Personal Wealth Vase

After you've completed your personal wealth vase, you can find a secure place for it. Be sure to conceal your personal wealth vase in a private area of your home. A cabinet or the closet in your bedroom is ideal. You can make more than one wealth vase, or add to this one with more valuable objects as your prosperity grows.