How to Make a Futon More Comfortable

Spacious living room with modern decor and futon
Studio Light and Shade / Getty Images

Futons are stylish seating options that double as sleeping surfaces. Futon sets consist of a pliable mattress sitting on a foldable frame. When folded, it’s a comfy couch. Unfolded, it’s a small bed. If you don’t have room for a guest bedroom in your home or if you want a space-saving sleeping option in your bedroom, a futon is an excellent option.

Because futon mattresses must be pliable and foldable, they’re relatively thin—typically between three and nine inches thick. They can be uncomfortable to sleep on for long periods, especially if they’re heavily used. But there are a few solutions to make your futon more comfortable so that you or your guests can get a good night’s sleep.

Add a Plush Topper

A mattress topper is a surefire way to make your futon mattress more comfortable. Folding it up may weaken the topper, so keep one nearby and only place it on the futon when it’s unfolded. 

Compare different types of mattress toppers and choose the right one for you. A memory foam topper is a popular choice because it’s comfortable and you can easily fold it up and tuck it out of the way when not in use.

Replace the Mattress

If you just can’t get comfortable on your futon mattress, consider replacing the mattress with a new one. Like traditional mattresses, futon mattresses can wear down with use over time. Because futons work double duty as a couch and a bed, they get a lot of use. That can cause your mattress to sag or compress and leave it feeling subpar.

Layer Comforters on Top

While you might think comforters are only to put over top of you to keep you cozy while you sleep, you can also sleep on top of them for extra comfort. Layering comforters on top of your futon mattress will make it look so plush and cozy, you won’t be able to resist climbing in for a snooze.

The more comforters you have on your futon mattress, the more comfortable it will be. Grab any extra comforters you have around the house or go buy a few from your local home goods store.

Place It on a Supportive Bed Base

Bed bases are often overlooked, but they’re essential for a comfortable sleeping surface. To make a futon more comfortable, make sure it’s on a supportive bed base. Bed bases, like foundations and even simple wooden slats, can make a major difference in your futon’s comfort level. 

If you don’t have a bed base under your futon, consider adding slats under the mattress. The slats will even out the futon’s sleeping surface and provide support. They also prevent the mattress from sagging and ultimately extend its life. You can purchase bed bases at any furniture store or you can build your own inexpensively. 

Add an Air Mattress

Adding a thin air mattress on top of your futon is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to make your futon more comfortable. When it’s time for bed or when your guest is heading over for a sleepover, pull out your air mattress and inflate it. When your futon is pulled out into bed mode, place the air mattress right on top for an extra layer of support.

Attach Grips to the Mattress

A mattress that slips and slides while you sleep is never comfortable. Because mattress futons are thinner than traditional mattresses, they are lightweight, meaning they tend to move around easily. To combat this, secure the mattress in place with adhesive grip strips. You can purchase them at most home goods stores. Attach one to each corner of your mattress and add a few to the sides for good measure.

Add Plenty of Pillows

Pillows make everything cozier. Head to your nearby home store to stock up on decorative pillows or make your own if you’re handy with a sewing machine. Layer them on top of your futon to make it look and feel more luxurious. 

Compare different types of pillows and find the right one for you based on your normal sleeping position and personal preferences. Buy one or two and place them on your futon for the best night’s sleep. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference a good pillow makes.