6 Ways to Make a Statement in Your Laundry Room

Well-organized and uncluttered laundry room

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If you’ve ever gotten lost in the laundry hacks feed of TikTok, then you know there are some majorly enviable laundry rooms out there. But even if you don’t have a huge, sunny room that naturally smells like clean cotton, there are plenty of small ways you can elevate your space. 

Not sure a bright, bold laundry room is for you? Designer Stephanie Lindsey suggests thinking again. “It's a smaller space and typically out of the way, so going bold can be a fun, unexpected surprise," she shares. "It's also a place where chores are done, so the bright patterns and color can be a happy boost of energy to your day."

We turned to the experts to ask for their best advice, and they delivered—from adding pops of color to the walls to dressing up your windows to having fun with tile.

Meet the Expert

  • Stephanie Lindsey is the principal designer for Etch Design Group.
  • Arianna Cesa is the associate manager of color marketing and development for Benjamin Moore.
  • Adam Skalman is the vice president of sales development and training at The Shade Store.
  • Roy Marcus is a brand ambassador at Artistic Tile.
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    Make Your White Cabinets Pop

    A laundry room with yellow floral wallpaper, gray and white tiled floors, and a light blue statement ceiling

    Reena Sotropa

    As Arianna Cesa of Benjamin Moore, tells us. “Laundry rooms are a great place to experiment with color. Often smaller in square footage, crisp white cabinets paired with playful hues add energy to this often-overlooked space.” 

    Cesa also points out that white cabinets are a laundry room go-to, and a major asset if you’re looking to go bold in your laundry or utility room.

    “White-painted cabinets offer the versatility to change your wall color out with ease,” she explains. “If you’re not ready for a bolder color on all four walls, try an accent wall for a smaller, but still impactful pop of color.”

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    Make It Dual-Purpose

    Colorful laundry room with open shelving and aqua cabinets.

    Etch Design Group

    The dream scenario is to have a laundry room so big, you can make it a multi-purpose utility room—and Stephanie Lindsey of Etch Design Group did exactly that.

    “We had a lot of space to work with, so we knew the room could be multipurpose and great for storage,” Lindsey says. “It also gave us a lot of space to add in some family heirlooms as decor on the custom shelving unit—made by myself and my father. My grandmother instilled in me a love for pastel aqua and pastel coral, and it obviously shows in the laundry room,”

    Lindsey notes that if you have the space, think of what other functions they could provide.

    “Make your laundry room a space you want to spend time in, and be sure to use the space wisely," she suggests. "Think of what purpose you need it to serve, and make sure functionality is there in addition to style.”

    Make your laundry room a space you want to spend time in, and be sure to use the space wisely.

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    Paint the Floors Instead

    A laundry room with off-white cabinets and diner-inspired blue and white tiled floors

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    Often, laundry and utility rooms have concrete floors—and these, says Cesa, are also a perfect canvas. 

    “Walls, trim, ceiling, and cabinets in Benjamin Moore’s Simply White let a bright floor stand out as the focal point in the space,” she tells us. “If opting for a bolder floor color, look to white, neutral, and gray paint colors for the walls and a softer backdrop.”

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    Dress Up Your Windows

    small laundry room

    Design by Mindy Gayer Design Co. / Photo by Vanessa Lentine

    Fun and frilly window treatments might not come to mind when you think of your laundry room, but as Adam Skalman of The Shade Store tells us, this is a mistake.

    “Since laundry rooms don’t always have the most interesting windows in the house, it’s easy to make them more exciting with custom window treatments,” Skalman says. “For example, a Roman Shade with a subtle pattern instantly adds interest and draws the eye toward the window. Rustic textures can also achieve that effect.”

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    Fake a Window Effect

    small laundry room with top loading washing machine

    A Beautiful Mess

    If you like the idea of adding texture through drapery—but your laundry room doesn’t actually have any windows—have no fear.

    “Adding floor-to-ceiling drapery along walls without windows can make spaces feel larger and more comfortable,” Skalman assures us. “This trick is also great for dampening noise and reducing echoes in open floorplans."

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    Have Fun With Tile

    Artistic laundry room with blue wave motif on walls.

    Design: Dina Bandman; Photo: Seth Smoot

    Roy Marcus of Artistic Tile tells us that tile is a must in most laundry rooms—and they offer the perfect excuse to have some fun.

    “Laundry rooms house machines that are a modern convenience, but even the most technologically advanced can break, leading to a wet floor,” Marcus says. “These spaces are also home to spilled liquids and wet clothing being transferred from one machine to another—all of these factors weigh heavily in favor of tile.”

    So if you’re going to go tile crazy, what kind and where? Marcus explains that stone is ideal for floors, while the colorful range of glass and glazed ceramic tiles make them perfect for laundry backsplashes.

    “A favorite color included in a laundry’s tile can go a long way to making the space a pleasant place to be," he continues.