How to Make Linzer Cookies

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    How to Make Linzer Cookies

    Linzer Cookies
    Linzer Cookies. Leah Maroney

    Here are the simple instructions for making Linzer Cookies.

    Linzer Cookie Recipe

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    Step One

    Linzer Cookies
    Outer Cookie Cutter. Leah Maroney

    A Linzer Cookie cutter allows you to make sandwich cookies with a special design cut out of the top cookie. There are cookie cutter designs for all sorts of holidays, including Christmas and Valentine's Day.

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    Step Two

    Linzer Cookies
    Inner Cookie Cutter. Leah Maroney

    You can use any cookie cutters to make Linzer Cookies. Just have two cutters available, one smaller than the other.

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    Step Three

    Linzer Cookies
    Linzer Cookie Dough. Leah Maroney

    Once you've made your Linzer Cookie dough, it needs to be refrigerated. In the first recipe I made, I divided my dough in half. Then I flattened each half between two pieces of wax paper. I placed them on a plate and into the refrigerator. I then rolled it out, removed the wax paper and placed the dough, one at a time, onto my bread board and cut-out my cookies.

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    Step Four

    Linzer Cookies
    Linzer Cookie Dough. Leah Maroney

    The other recipe called for rolling the dough out on a baking sheet and then refrigerating it again.

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    Step Five

    Linzer Cookies
    Linzer Cookie Cut Outs. Leah Maroney

    I cut the cookies out on the baking sheet. Cut half of the cookies using the larger cutter and the other half either use the Linzer cutter with the insert or used the large and then the small cutter for the middle hole.

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    Step Six

    Linzer Cookies
    Linzer Cookies. Leah Maroney

    Remove the excess dough around the cut cookies before baking.

    After using this method, I found that it was better to roll and cut on a floured bread board. Using a scraper, I moved the cookies from the bread board to a lightly greased baking sheet.

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    Step Seven

    Linzer Cookies
    Jam Filling. Leah Maroney

    After the cookies are baked, cool them on the pan for 2 minutes. Place cookies directly on the racks. Cool completely before spreading the bottoms with jam or jelly.

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    Step Eight

    linzer cookies
    Powdered Sugar Dusting. Leah Maroney

    I turned my top cookies with the hole in the middle upside down and dipped them into the powdered sugar. You could also just dust the tops with powdered sugar, but be sure to do it before placing them on the jam-covered bottoms. Otherwise, powdered sugar will get into the holes and cover the jam.

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    Step Nine

    Linzer Cookies
    Linzer Cookies. Leah Maroney

    You can use any jam or jelly to make Linzer cookies. One fun idea? Using a raspberry jam and a mint jelly on alternating cookies for a festive Christmas display.