How to Make Money Online

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    How to Make Money Online

    Open your laptop and find a world of money to be made online. Photo © channah / freeimages

    A search on how to make money online typically gives you results that make major promises without a lot of substance to back them up. The Internet is an excellent vehicle for making money but that doesn't mean every opportunity is a get rich quick scheme.

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    For moms, online gigs give you the power of working when it's convenient for you. And you'll be able to combine staying home to raise your family with the flexibility of making...MORE money on your own terms.

    While there are a large number of opportunities out there that are fun, legitimate and put you in control of your earning, you have to be able to look through those transparent offers of making thousands per week simply by logging onto your computer. Ignore inflated promises and look through the legitimate ways you can make money online on the following pages.

    What else you need to know about how to make money online:

    1. Always use your judgment when deciding if an opportunity is right for you.

    2. Be wary of so-called online moneymaking opportunities that require you to pay to get in on. There are plenty of ways to make money online that do not require any upfront fees.

    3. Never hand over your personal information, such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, social security number to a company that claims giving this information will get you started. Again, use your judgment.

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    Sell Your Photos Online

    A picture of a woman taking pictures
    Love to take pictures? You could be selling your photos online to make money from home. Photo © datarec / stock.xchng
    Your camera's lens cap spends more time off than on. Being behind the camera and capturing everything from nature to the food on your plate is one of your favorite pastimes. You could be selling your photos online. Digital cameras and the Internet make it easier than ever for you to sell your photos. Upload your photos to sites like Fotolia, Shutterstock, iStockPhoto and DreamsTime. Their compensation plans vary by site but the concept is the same ... you earn money when someone purchases...MORE and downloads your photo.
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    Start an Online Business

    A woman boxes up an online order for shipping.
    Open your own online business and work on your own terms. Photo © Digital Vision / Getty Images

    Work your own hours and be your own boss. Start an online business that puts you in control of your destiny. You're only limited by your imagination but your dream online business could include an online travel agency, membership site or even a drop ship business where you could sell gift baskets, baby products and more. As with any business, you need to make sure your online business follows the law with proper business licensing and sales tax collection.

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    Open an Etsy Shop

    Open an Etsy shop to sell your creations. Photo © Gary Houlder / Getty Images

    If you're crafty, join Etsy and set up your own shop. Sell your crocheted scarves, patterns or even blog templates you've designed. Etsy is full of a variety of products for sale. Just take a look for inspiration. However, because Etsy is full of other sellers, you'll have to work extra hard to make your store stand out from the crowd but Etsy has plenty of tools to help you monitor your traffic, put your products on sale and find new ways to increase your revenue.

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    Become an eBay Shop Owner

    Open your own eBay shop and become a powerful seller online. Photo © Getty Images

    Look through your attic and closets. It's time for a purge. Selling on eBay is an easy way for you to clear up the clutter in your home while making money. But you can also look at eBay as an income opportunity through its many business models. Besides selling your own stuff, you can browse garage sales to find inventory or even open your own eBay consignment business to sell other people's belongings while earning a cut.

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    Monetize Your Blog

    Monetize your blog and you could be earning money with every post you write. Photo © hellori / freeimages

    Do you blog? You could be making money while you sleep. It doesn't matter how big or small you think your blog and audience are, any blogger can take advantage of the many moneymaking opportunities there are for their blogs. Advertising and affiliate programs are some of the most popular ways to monetize your blog. But there are plenty of other ways to make money using your blog.

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    Write for

    A woman sits at her computer surrounded by toys.
    If you're an expert in a certain area and are ready to work hard, apply to write for Photo © Juzant Productions / Getty Images

    You can't find a better place to write online than People who write for are experts in the topic they write about and just about every subject you can imagine is covered here. Whether you love container gardening or you're a hardcore Android programmer, is full of information that makes the site and its writers an authority readers trust.

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    Begin Freelancing

    A woman sitting at a laptop while her child draws a picture.
    Become a freelancer and be in charge of the projects you take on. Photo © Paul Bradbury / OJO Images / Getty Images

    Ten years ago, freelancers had to do a lot of legwork to find freelance gigs. Today's freelancers have so many job possibilities at their fingertips, thanks to the Internet. With a simple click, you can start freelancing. It's easier than ever to get job descriptions in front of your eyes from companies and individuals looking for extra help for everything from administrative duties to graphic design.

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    More Ways to Make Money from Home

    A picture of a person holding a lot of money
    Find a work from home opportunity that has you working smarter, not harder. Photo © Janis Christie / Getty Images

    Online opportunities aren't the only ways to make money at home. There are a number of a work-at-home possibilities. You just have to know where to look and be sure to avoid getting scammed. Browse the list of work from home opportunities that have moms making money without ever leaving the house.

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    Other Ways Stay-at-Home Moms Can Make Money

    A woman holds a handful of cash.
    There are so many ways stay-at-home moms can make money legitimately. Photo © / Flickr

    Becoming a stay-at-home mom doesn't automatically exclude you from bringing in cash for your family. There are plenty of ways stay-at-home moms can make money. Find an opportunity that allows you to alleviate the strain on your family budget while still allowing you to stay home with the kids.