How to Make a Paper Bead Ornament

  • How to Make a Paper Bead Ornament

    Paper Bead Ornament
    Paper Bead Ornament. Kate Pullen

    Paper beads are so fun to make. You can create a whole host of different objects from simple strips of paper. You can make paper beads to make jewelry such as earrings and necklaces, paper beads to make accessories including bag charms and other decorations - and as we show you here, you can create ornaments with your paper beads. These are perfect for parties and celebrations all year round. Just change the color of the paper or the rubber stamping ink to make a decoration to match your party...MORE or celebration's theme.

    What makes this paper bead project a little different is that it uses one HUGE paper bead!

    Make a Long Paper Bead

    This unusual ornament is made from one extremely long paper bead. Instead of making a paper bead using small strips of paper, use as wide and long piece as you can to create a long bead. I used some strips of craft paper from a roll to make this bead.

    This is a versatile decoration, it can be used on its own as an ornament or attach another ornament to it to make a striking display. A few of these large beads could also be threaded together to make an unusual garland. I finished the ornament in the photograph using beads from an old necklace.

    To make this paper bead ornament really stand out, it is important to go to town with the decoration and embellishments. I used a light colored ink to stamp the paper. I then over stamped some sections and heat embossed this with a holographic embossing powder. When the bead was finished and dry I dotted rows of glitter glue to add extra sparkle to the finished ornament.

    Paper beads are easy to make and you can decorate them with rubber stamps and inks to create your own unique effects. This is a great way to create your own custom beads to match other decorations. If you are new to making paper beads then they are explained in more detail in this article and a template is also provided to make creating them even easier - How to Make Paper Beads. However for this project, instead of using the template to make small beads, you need to create one large bead. I cut a strip from a roll of craft paper to do this. I cut a long triangle that is about 6" wide and 36" long.

    Materials Required

    • One large paper bead
    • Other beads or embellishments
    • Craft wire


    To finish the ornament, simply thread the large paper bead onto a piece of craft wire. Attach an ornament, tassel or beads, such as the beaded necklace that I used in the picture, to the bottom of the bead. Bend the top of the craft wire into a loop and use this to hold the paper bead ornament.

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