How to Make the Best Shortcrust Pastry

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    Making Pastry is Easy

    Making Shortcrust Pastry. Photo © Adam Gault - Getty Images

    Britain and Ireland are a nation of bakers; our food is underpinned with great pies, pastries, cakes, puddings and bread. Tucked neatly and firmly in this list are the pastry goods and tantamount to these is, you guessed it, pastry.

    There is much talk about making pastry and how difficult it is. It isn't. Like many dishes, it takes a few guidelines and tips to help you on your way; the rest is about finding a recipe you like and going for it.

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    9 Tips for Successful Pastry

    Simple or sweet shortcrust are not dissimilar when it comes to making them. As such, they share the same hints and tips for preparing them. These 9 tips when followed will make your pastry making and the finished product so lovely. Enjoy.

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    Classic Shortcrust Pastry Recipe

    Creamy Leek Tart. Photo Credit Elaine Lemm

    This is my favourite recipe as it is the most versatile. It is a good pastry for handling and for rolling and creates a lovely taut crust with a melting texture. If you are a pastry novice, then I suggest you try this one for starters. It is the one I return to time, after time.

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    Rich or Sweet Shortcrust Pastry Recipe

    Baked Pine Nut and Honey Tart. Photo © Elaine Lemm

    Sometimes a recipe calls for sweet or rich shortcrust pastry, especially for desserts and sweet pies  A rich shortcrust pastry recipe is similar to basic shortcrust but has an egg and sugar added to it. This pastry is also known as pate sucrée.

    Though it may at first seem a little sticky, rich shortcrust pastry is easy to handle but as with any pastry recipe, resting is the key to success as once rested in the refrigerator, the pastry will keep its shape during cooked.

    Rich or Sweet Shortcrust...MORE Pastry Recipe

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    15 Pie and Tart Recipes Using Pastry - Sweet and Savoury

    Rhubarb Crumble Tart. Photo © Elaine Lemm

    Pastry is used in so many recipes, but is found mainly in pies and tarts, of which both British and Irish food have a wealth on offer. I could continue this list for a long time, however these are (just a few) of my personal favourites.

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    Pastry Calculator - Work out How Much Pastry You Need


    If a recipe calls for a quantity of pastry, this is the weight of flour and fat, plus any water you have added. Here's a quick guide to help estimate how much to use.