Make Your Own Curtains And Window Treatments - Free Instrutions!

Sew Simple Straight Curtains to Cover Your Windows

Woman in bathrobe opening bedroom curtains
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Making curtains and window treatments is an economical way to cover your windows and a great way to learn basic sewing techniques. Measuring, pressing and straight sewing is the basis for almost all curtains and drapes.

Economical fabric sources is a great way to keep your curtain-making adventure in budget.

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    Straight curtains do the job of covering a window and providing privacy. Learn how to sew them here.

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    Learn how to measure and calculate to sew a custom curtain for any size window with the direction provided here.

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    Learn to calculate your needs to sew a window covering for a door window that won't fly around and get stuck in the door.
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    Sometimes a straight edge just doesn't "pop" but with a bit more design detail it adds the perfect home decor details. You'll find full details to learn how to sew a valance with a scalloped edge here.

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    Jennifer Thoden shares how she makes lined drapes in a day in this article. If your ready for a beautiful window covering that will help insulate your windows, this article was written for you!

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    No one wants to spend more than they have to for a supply. The fabric required for your custom made curtains is no exception. This article will help you calculate exactly what you need to sew your own curtains in the length that you want.