8 Affordable Ways to Make Your Bed More Luxurious

All-White Bedding

Cozy Earth

Let’s face it—some of us are a little extravagant when it comes to our sleeping arrangements. Whether that looks like investing in the fluffiest pillows and hotel-quality duvet, or redoing the paint on the walls to create an Airbnb vibe, there's no shame in being a little extra from time to time.

But what if updating your bedroom, and specifically the place you spend most of your time—your bed—didn’t have to come with a hefty price tag?

From designing hacks and shopping tips to items you didn’t know you needed, here’s what the experts have to say about creating luxury on a budget.

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    Focus on the Neutrals

    Neutral sheet layering

    AREA Home

    You can change the entire feel of a space by shifting the colors. A room with bright yellow walls and red furniture will, of course, be a little lively. A room with blues and blacks may feel a bit cooler. Color is what creates the ambiance.

    "I recommend opting for monochromatic tones with fewer colors or patterns, resulting in a more zen effect," shares Anki Spets, founder of AREA Home, "There are plenty of beautiful shades of grey and beige that are perfect for this. Start out with percale sheets for a cool and crisp look, or sateen sheets that are softer on the surface with a warmer feel. Iron them if you can, as nothing beats a crisp, wrinkle-free bed."

    As far as matching your sheets, blankets, or pillows to your walls (or other elements of design), it’s best to opt for prints that are subtle, especially if your walls are already boasting busy patterns.

    You also want to consider how the colors will offset or accent the space. For example, if everything in the room is black and white, then an olive green sheet set (although not neutral, per se) can be the perfect, subtle accent to the space while not being overwhelming or too busy.

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    Incorporate All-White

    All-White Bedding

    Cozy Earth

    On the flip side, some experts advocate for the all-white look rather than adding any color. Owen Turner at Cozy Earth shares his perspective on creating a ‘hotel vibe’ in your bedroom.

    “One easy way to make your bed more luxurious is to purchase all-white bedding with lots of layering,” he says, “If your goal is to turn your bed into a luxury hotel heaven, try layering a plush mattress pad, buttery bamboo sheets, a thick comforter, soft duvet cover, and lots of pillows. Your bed will instantly feel softer and more like the 5-star hotel bed you have been dreaming of,” Turner says. 

    While this style lacks the color variation that some people may prefer, it does create a soft and clean atmosphere that adds a bit of sophistication to the space.

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    Update Your Sheets and Pillows

    Pillows and Sheets

    Elegant Strand

    It’s one thing to update the colors or make the room all-white, but that won’t make as much of a difference if your sheets are the problem. And if it's been a while since you bought yourself new sheets, this is a great opportunity to treat yourself.

    There are countless options when it comes to sheets and pillows—from soft to stiff, cooling to moisture-wicking, organically-created to fully antimicrobial—and the list goes on. If you’re thinking about updating your bed, it’s a good idea to consider your sheet and pillow options (and personal preferences) and figure out what makes the most sense for you.

    Although you’ll hear quite a bit of conflicting information about sheets (depending on who you ask), most experts agree that the best sheets are 600+ thread count. As far as sheet preferences go, some of the top picks are Egyptian/Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Celliant Performance, or Silk/Satin for a smoother feel.

    "Your best choice for luxury bedding sets is 100% cotton," says Alan Weiner, COO of Elegant Strand, "It’s breathable, versatile, and durable for long-lasting quality. You can also find it in two of the most popular bed linen weaves percale (with a crisp, matte finish) and sateen (softer, with a slight, silky sheen)."

    But, again, it all depends on what you like, what type of sleeper you are, what the temperature is where you live, and what size your bed is.  

    Pillows are something else to consider, too. And there are quite a few options out there. Dr. Daniel A. Barone, MD, FAASM, FANA, and Author of Let’s Talk About Sleep notes: “It may seem overlooked, but I always recommend a good pillow for neck pain—and one that is firm enough to allow for the head, neck, and spine to be in alignment. Too many people sleep on pillows that affect neck positioning and in turn, overall positioning of the spine and body. Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to pillows."

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    Invest in a Comforter and Blankets

    Crystal Point Penthouse | Jersey City, NJ

    The Staging Studio

    Traditionally, comforters are known to be a bit pricey. But, some experts say that it is possible to upgrade without breaking the bank. The key is to look for the material and thickness. If it’s not soft and not that thick, it’s not the best buy.

    “I am a big fan of soft comforters–especially the ones that are plush and at least a half-inch thick,” shares Karen Michela Parziale, Founder of The Staging Studio. “[You] don’t have to buy a goose down comforter (they are beautiful but expensive)–so one can invest in a faux down–it is plush.” 

    Depending on where you live and the temperature, you may also want to invest in something a bit warmer or heavier. Weighted blankets, for example, can be a great way to make your bed more luxurious by improving your sleep quality.

    Regardless of what you pick, the idea is that spending a little cash can go a long way—in both look and feel.

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    Rock a Statement Headboard

    headboard on bed

    Anastasiia Chepinska | Unsplash

    If you want to update the feel of your bed (and room in general), it may be a good idea to put your efforts and wallet towards a headboard.

    “A headboard adds a personal touch to every bed—without breaking the bank,” says Robert Johnson, founder of Sawinery, a woodworking and craftsmanship website.

    Everyone has a different perspective on what looks good or what vibe he/she wants in their room, so there are quite a few options in materials, design, and price range that can be used to create a quality headboard—on a budget.  

    “Another huge advantage of a personalized headboard [is that] it serves as a focal point to the room… [and] complements the chosen theme without taking too much space,” Johnson adds.

    However, if a custom headboard—despite the less expensive materials—is still not in your budget, you can actually DIY it.

    Kristine Daub, founding editor for byCurated shares her process for making the headboard of your dreams: “You'll need a can of paint (I used chalk paint for mine), some sandpaper, three/ four straight steel plates, a brush, general woodwork tools, [and] three pallets.” she shares. 

    “If you have a queen-size bed (like me), two pallets (placed side by side) should be an ideal length. Use the plates to join the two pallets together. Be sure to use wood screws to do this. I also recommend using large washers to make sure the connection is strong, though this isn't paramount.”  

    Another idea for headboards is to simply update the cover. Gian More, partner at MellowPine, shares that you can replace and add padding to headboards for a more sophisticated look. “For padded headboards, use leather, suede, vinyl, cotton, duck or heavy polyester blends,” she says, “This creates an illusion of added space which enhances the luxury element of the bed.”

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    Add Accents to Upscale

    Area Rug for bedroom

    Beyond the basics—sheets, comforter/duvet, pillows, and the structure of the bed itself—you can also add some accents to your space to create the luxurious vibe you’re looking for.  

    Joshua Haley, founder of Moving Astute, shares that matching shams can make the difference between a regular bed and a fancy one. You can also add an oblong pillow that creates a more ‘hotel’ feel.

    “Using oblong pillows, also known as long body pillows, is a great way to upgrade your bedding,” Haley shares, “These pillows are attached end to end, allowing you to bend the top of the pillow however it is most comfortable for you!”  

    Another option—although not on your bed—is to add a rug under it.  

    “Area rugs are very inexpensive, so it shouldn't cost much money to buy one,” shares Kate Diaz, home improvement expert and Co-Owner of Swanky Den. “Not only will they look great in your room when you have guests, but when the time comes when you want to redecorate your bedroom, that area rug will give you lots of options of things to change.”

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    Add Your Finishing Touches

    throw blanket and food tray on bed

    Chelsey McCarty | Unsplash

    Although we tend to focus on the top of the bed—pillows, decorations, headboard, etc.—you can easily upscale your bed’s appearance with a skirt or box spring cover.  

    There are a variety of options out there, from something that matches your sheets or comforter, to something neutral that fades in the background. If you’re feeling really luxurious, you can even match the bed skirt to your wall paint or wallpaper for an interconnected style.  

    In addition, you can add a blanket or throw to the edge of your bed to create a ‘laid back’ feel while still providing the luxury you find in all the latest and greatest home magazines. Feel free to be even fancier by adding a food tray, complete with your favorite books, candles, and journal, and a throw blanket underneath.

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    Make Your Bed Every Day

    fancy bed made with light

    Christopher Jolly | Unsplash

    This may seem simple, but how often do you skip making your bed because it’s just inconvenient? (We're certainly guilty.)

    However, taking a few minutes to make your bed each morning can make the difference between an unkempt, cluttered space and something that looks and feels more refined.