How to Make Your Own Paint

Find Unique Ways to Make Paint

Vibrant gouache color set in double use
Tatiana Kolesnikova / Getty Images

You can save money and make your next painting project extra special by mixing up your own paint. You can easily make a variety of paint to use in different projects using ingredients you probably have laying around your house. You should make sure you save jars, empty film containers, or pill bottles to store your paint. Try mixing up a batch of finger paint, dimensional paint, or window paint. You can even make your own face paint.


  • Chalkboard Paint
    Make your own chalkboard paint by mixing acrylic paint with Plaster of Paris.


  • Dimensional Paint
    This paint is made using water, salt, flour and food coloring.


  • Dish Soap Paint
    Make this paint using dish soap and powdered tempera paint.


  • Drink Mix Finger Paint
    Use unsweetened drink powder, flour, salt, oil, and dish soap to make this paint.


  • Egg Yolk Paint
    Besides an egg, you need water and food coloring to mix up this recipe.


  • Face Paint Recipe
    This easy recipe is made with cornstarch, cold cream, water, and food coloring.


  • Fingerpainting with Pudding
    All you need to mix up this paint is instant pudding mix and milk or water.


  • Homemade Finger Paint
    Make this paint on the stove top by mixing together flour, salt, water, and food coloring.


  • Homemade Puffy Paint
    This puff paint is made using shaving cream, glue, and food coloring.


  • Milk Painting
    Learn how you can use condensed milk and food coloring as paint.


  • Puff Paint Recipe
    This puff paint is made using salt, sugar, and food coloring.


  • Sidewalk Paint
    Learn how to make sidewalk paint using cornstarch, food coloring, and water.


  • Spray Paint Recipe
    You can use a spray bottle for this paint and fill it with just water and food coloring.


  • Yogurt Finger Paint
    Mix up this finger paint using yogurt and powdered tempera paint.


    So now, what are you waiting for? Mix up a batch or two of homemade paint. Everyone will have a blast painting with paints they made themselves.