How to Maximize Your Space in a Studio Apartment

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    Maximize Your Studio Space


    If you currently dwell is a studio apartment then you’re likely all too familiar with the challenges it entails. Privacy is difficult to come by, adequate organization can feel impossible, and choosing decor without overwhelming your aesthetic is a major struggle.

    But the good news is, all of these problems can be stylishly solved using a few tips, tricks, and a little creative ingenuity. So, if you’re ready to wash away your studio woes, bring these ideas into your life.

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    Decorative Clutter

    If you’ve purged everything you’re willing to purge but still feel like you have too much stuff on your hands, don’t fret! Nearly every item in your home can be made more attractive with a little thought behind it.

    Organizing your books by size and color, investing in beautiful storage baskets, and thoughtfully placing area rugs in corners you want to appear more polished are easy ways to transform would-be visual clutter into stylish decor.

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    Maximize Light

    Natural light has a knack for making any space feel more open and airy, so maximize yours as much as possible.

    If you want to use partitions to create the illusion of different rooms in your studio, opt for one that lets in plenty of light. Shelving can effectively separate the bedroom and living room while still allowing plenty of light to wash over the entire space.

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    Get Creative

    There are infinite storage options you can take advantage of if you’re willing to think outside the box a little bit.

    Look for anything that can do double-duty in the storage and organization department. For instance, this makeshift desk, by Urban Outfitters is an organizer’s dream with its perfect blend of utility and style.

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    Organize, Organize, Organize

    Organization is your very best friend in a studio apartment. If optimized, it will save you a ton of headaches when it comes to keeping things neat, clean, and chic, so familiarize yourself with its limitless powers.

    This office area manages to fit in several layers of shelving in a compact space, thanks to a thoughtful layout and pristine organization.

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    Utilize Mirrors

    Mirrors are almost magical when it comes to their ability to enhance a small studio. And that’s because the more reflective surfaces you have in your space, the larger it will look.

    Investing in a big, gorgeous mirror like this one minimizes claustrophobic vibes by opening things up visually and creating the illusion of more space. Of course, the custom-lofted bed doesn’t hurt either.

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    Open Closets

    One of the most difficult challenges that come with nesting in a studio is the lack of closet space. Especially for the so many of us who have a passion for fashion.

    Fortunately, it’s relatively easy and economical to assemble your own. Rather than look for ways to stuff and hide your clothes away, create an open, functional closet that complements your aesthetic. Just be sure to hang things uniformly so it doesn’t appear too chaotic.

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    Open Shelving

    The same principle that works for open closets works for open shelving as well. If your living room leaves much to be desired in the storage department, create your own via this method.

    That said, you definitely don’t want to throw things on there carelessly. Organizing items by type, size, and color will ensure your aesthetic stays right and tight.

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    Make Use of Partitions

    Partitions are the holy grail of studio living thanks to their ability to create new rooms out of thin air. And they can take on all sorts of forms in an endless variety of materials depending on your style sensibilities.

    For instance, pairing breezy window curtains with large plants, as in this example, is a no-fail way to separate your space in a way that looks stylish and intentional. Check out this one by Urban Outfitters.

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    Make Use of Your Bed

    Chances are, your bed is the piece of furniture that takes up the most space in your studio, so make the most of it by transforming it into a bountiful storage solution.

    You can loft it, throw storage containers underneath it, or take it to the next level by turning it into clever, custom storage unit. Either way, your space will be bigger and happier for it.