Measuring Your Room

Will Your Furniture Fit?

Couple measuring new home
Gary Burchell / Getty Images

Did you ever buy a new piece of furniture only to get it home and find it doesn't fit in the space you intended? Prevent that mistake next time by measuring your room now and keeping those measurements with you as you shop.

Room Measurement Basics

  • Be sure your metal tape measure is at least 25 ft. Fifty feet is better. And it's always a good idea to have a friend help you measure. The measurement will be more accurate when two can hold the tape straight.
  • Measure the height and width of each wall in the room.
  • Measure from one corner to the opposite corner to confirm the room is square or has crooked angles.
  • Measure your windows, doors and how high the windows are from the floor.
  • Note the location of each electrical outlet.
  • Note the location of wall studs. You can pick up an inexpensive stud finder at your local hardware store. You will need to know the location when you hang art or mirrors.

Now you will know exactly how much room you have (or don't have). No more buying a six-foot sofa for a four-foot space!

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