18 Tips to Keep Your Chest Freezer Organized



If you have a deep freezer or a chest freezer, you probably already know that it can be difficult to organize these roomy freezers so you actually see what you have. Wire bins, handy labels, space-saving vacuum sealer bags, and more will make the most of your freezer. These easy organization tips will keep your chest freezer tidy , save you from having to dig around or take everything, and help you find what you're looking for quicker.

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    Store Food Upright

    deep freezer food stored upright


    When starting to organize your chest freezer, it's a great idea to measure it while it's empty so you can buy the correct size bins (see more tips in the Instagram post from @serenespacesllc). Then store like-items together upright or on their sides to make the most of space.

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    Place in Rainbow Order

    bins used in freezer


    Adding bins to your freezer is one of the quickest ways to organize a deep freezer. It won't always be feasible to stack everything upright so it's visible. Sometimes, stacking makes the most sense. Here, smaller containers and labeled Ziplocs ensure you don't have to dig through the entire freezer to find what you need.

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    Mix Different Types of Bins



    Save your hands from frostbite by stacking wire bins above clear plastic ones in a chest freezer so you can see what's below the wire. It makes sense to label each bin so your system is easy to replicate when you add new food.

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    Freeze Flat

    meal prep frozen flat


    One of the best deep freezer storage tips for saving space isn't about how you arrange the freezer itself, but rather how you freeze your items. For liquids like broths or sauces, use vacuum sealer bags to get them as flat as possible. Then stack to use vertical space that would otherwise go unused.

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    Prep Individual Meals

    smoothie storage in freezer


    Prepping individual meals in your freezer is always helpful. Here, smoothie ingredients prepped and stored in individual portions are so easy to grab in the morning. All you'll have to do is pop off the top of your Tupperware, pour the fruit into the blender, and add your favorite milk.

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    Add Levels

    tiers in a deep freexer


    Not only is each individual freezer bag labeled here, but the freezer itself is labeled so it's clear where meat, chicken, or frozen veggies belong. One great tip for freezer storage from Katherin of Decantt Organizing Living is to cut off any cooking instructions and include them in the freezer bag.

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    Separate Food Into Bins

    storage organize by type of food


    Use deep freezer baskets to separate each food by type; these types of baskets are available online or at most organization stores. Not only does this make good use of space, but you'll also have no trouble finding the thing you're looking for.

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    Date Everything

    stored ziplocs upright in deep freezer


    When organizing your deep freezer, always label and date everything (clear Ziploc freezer bags make labeling easy). Put the oldest food in the front so you remember to use it first.

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    Stagger Plastic Bins

    deep freezer storage staggered


    Think Tetris as you arrange your freezer storage bins. Leave the center clear so you can easily reach what's on the bottom. These bins are customizable and you can switch up the placement of the plastic divider depending on what you have to store.

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    Use Clear Containers

    tiers in freezer


    Use clear bins in your freezer so you can see what's below them. Wire shelves in chest storage are usually preferable to solid plastic ones so you don't forget what's below them.

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    Choose Bins With Clear Tops

    veggies stored in freezer with clear tops


    Whenever possible, opt for storage containers with clear tops. There are plenty of options that are freezer-friendly, and when you look into the chest freezer from above, it's easier to spot your food without having to open everything.

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    Divide by Category

    freezer storage, packs of food upright


    Use dividers in your freezer to create different stations. Smaller areas are great for popsicles and other slender objects, whereas larger areas accommodate baskets or packaged frozen food.

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    Label All Bins

    labeled bins in freezer


    Use a label maker to label each individual bin in your freezer. This will make it so much quicker to put away groceries and maintain the system.

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    Label and Vacuum-Seal

    vacuum sealed freezer meals


    A helpful freezer storage tip from Steph of Meal Plan Addict is to make the meal in foil pans and then freeze them before you vacuum seal, which helps prevent freezer burn. You don't need fancy labels either; tape with Sharpie works just fine.

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    Keep the Center Clear

    deep chest freezer storage


    Leave a lane in the center of your chest freezer to access the second layer. When they're not packed in tight, wire bins can slide back and forth into different configurations depending on what you're trying to get.

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    Use Dividers

    plastic dividers in freezer


    Use bins with dividers to store frozen foods upright, which typically takes up the least amount of space in the freezer. This clear bin has slotted sides so you can adjust each individual section to keep the same type of food together.

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    Take Everything Out Before Organizing

    clean freezer


    Before you begin organizing your deep freezer (or the one in your kitchen) take everything out, vacuum any crumbs, and wipe down all surfaces. It feels better to put food into a freshly cleaned freezer, especially when creating an organization system.

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    Seal to Make More Space

    vacuum packed freezer food


    To fit the most in your deep freezer, vacuum-seal veggies, fish, and meat. You can buy vacuum sealer gallon bags or any kind of bag specifically designed for vacuum sealing. Just avoid using bags not designed for this purpose as they can leak oxygen, defeating the purpose.