How to Organize a Minimalist Wardrobe

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    How to Organize a Minimalist Wardrobe in 5 Steps

    How to Organize a Minimalist Wardrobe
    How to Organize a Minimalist Wardrobe. Getty

    Organizing your closet as a minimalist is much the same as any sort of closet organization, but there are a few parts of the process that are especially important when you own fewer and more versatile clothes. Here are five simple tips on how to organize a minimalist wardrobe.


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    Rotate clothes seasonally

    Rotate your clothing seasonally
    Rotate your clothing seasonally. Getty

    Minimalism, in your wardrobe as in other areas of life, is often about making daily tasks easier. One way to do that when you’re getting dressed is to move clothes you can’t wear at the moment (for example, sundresses in the dead of winter) to a place where they’re not in view every time you look for something to put on. If you have space under your bed, in the basement, or on a high and otherwise unused closet shelf, pack out of season clothes into boxes or bags and store them there until you...MORE need them again. If you don’t have extra space, push all your unseasonal things to one side of the closet, as far out of view as possible. The point is to not be distracted by items you can’t wear. You want your closet (at least the part you’re using on a daily basis) to contain workable pieces and nothing else.

    Rotating clothes can also help you maintain your minimalist wardrobe because each time you switch them, you get to reevaluate whether they still work for you and get rid of them if they don’t.


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    Keep clothes visible

    Keep your clothing visible
    Keep your clothing visible. Getty

    Here I’m talking about the clothes you are wearing this season, not the ones I told you above to stash under the bed. The ideal minimalist closet would be one where all your seasonal clothing is displayed clearly, letting you choose an outfit without rummaging through drawers or scanning your memory to try and recall what you own. Most of us are not lucky enough to have the perfect set-up, however, so do the best you can. Make sure everything is folded neatly and that nothing is crumpled up or...MORE hidden beneath another item.

    Unless your closet is huge, this is also a good way to prevent yourself from buying extra things you don’t really need. If an addition to your wardrobe is only going to get lost in your collection and forgotten, there’s no point in buying it.


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    Sort clothes by type and color

    Sorting by color makes everything easier to locatee
    Sorting by color makes everything easier to locatee. Getty

    Pretty much anyone who gives advice on how to store your clothes will tell you to divide your clothing into categories (e.g. shirts, jackets, dresses) and then by color (e.g. light to dark.) That’s because this technique makes getting dressed so much easier - you never have to wonder where your black jacket is. It also eliminates confusion about what your choices are because all your options are clearly laid out.

    While anyone organizing a closet should do this, minimalist dressers can benefit...MORE from it even more. When you’re more careful about which and how many clothes you buy, seeing everything all sorted out can help you identify your preferences as well as anything that might be missing from your wardrobe.

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    Remember: “One in, one out.”

    Follow the one in, one out rule
    Follow the one in, one out rule. Getty

    This simple rule will really help to keep your wardrobe minimal and your closet organized. With the exception of items you truly need – i.e., ones that fill a gaping hole in your wardrobe – don’t bring anything home without giving something else away.

    This reduces the number of pieces you have to deal with, while assuring that your wardrobe consists of only what you really love and need. It also helps keep your closet neat.


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    Take care of your clothes

    Take care of your clothing
    Take care of your clothing. Getty

    When you transition towards a wardrobe made up of fewer and/or simpler clothes, you’ll probably be drawn to items of better quality. That usually means your clothes will be more expensive but longer-lasting, and classic enough to keep wearing for many years. Therefore, taking care of your clothes becomes more important when you dress in a minimalist way. If a $2 t-shirt gets stretched out by a cheap hanger, that’s no big deal, especially if you have 20 of them. But a $40 t-shirt that plays a...MORE major role in your casual wardrobe deserves better.

    Make sure you’re using decent hangers, folding your clothes properly, and choosing clothing storage products such as racks or shelving that won’t snag or tear your clothes.