14 Easy Tips for Deep Pantry Organization

These tips make the most of deep shelves in the pantry

deep pantry storage with labeled bins


When it comes to pantry storage, it's easy to think the bigger the better, especially if you love to collect ingredients or have a lot of mouths to feed. While it's definitely helpful to have a large pantry when it comes to kitchen organization, a pantry with deep shelves can be tricky sometimes, as it's easy to lose track of what's toward the back. These deep pantry storage ideas will help you make the most of your space without letting that additional shelf space go to waste.

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    Use a Turntable and Wire Baskets

    deep pantry with baskets


    When organizing a deep pantry, it's all about labels and bins so you can easily see them. That way, if things get pushed to the back, they're still visible. A turntable works well on a higher shelf, too.

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    Try Bins With a Handles

    deep closet with clear bins


    To make the most of your pantry space, you may need to put one bin in front of the other (otherwise the depth of the shelves kind of goes to waste). Using a clear bin with a cut-out handle helps when it comes time to pull out something specific whether it's because you need that item or whatever is behind it.

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    Stack Clear Bins

    stacked clear bins in pantry


    Deep pantries are often big all over, which means a lot of space between shelves. If you're wary of stacking bins horizontally one behind the other, then use vertical space. Sure, it may mean things need to shift every now and then, but if you put lesser used items on the bottom row, it shouldn't be a major inconvenience.

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    Place Cans on Risers

    two deep pantries


    There are a few things that are great about these twin pantries—long bins span the depth of the shelves and they can be easily pulled out, risers help you see canned goods, and plastic turntables make it easy to grab whatever sauce you need.

    Chantell Dennis of Simply Organized Company says when it comes to deep pantry storage, layer when you can (i.e. use a can riser in the back with two lazy Susans in the front).

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    Install Sliding Drawers

    organized deep pantry storage


    Not only is this pantry aesthetically pleasing, but it's also functional for the whole family. Kid's snacks are easily reachable on the bottom shelves and decanting foods into clear storage containers makes it easy to declutter and see what you have. Consider installing these adjustable drawers which can be added to any shelves, providing much more function.

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    Stagger Products

    deep pantry with riser for cans


    Using two or three-tiered risers helps to see what you have and know when you're running low on something (so you don't go to make a sauce only to find that you're out of tomatoes). Organizing dry goods and snacks by type is also an easy tweak that makes the pantry so much more usable.

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    Organize the Same Type of Food in Rows

    pantry with drawers


    If you're lucky enough to design your own pantry, consider adding a drawer that makes the most of its depth. Putting snacks into acrylic or clear plastic bins not only looks nice, but it keeps you aware of what you have because who hasn't pulled out a box of snacks and realized someone in the house put it away empty?

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    Unwrap Paper Products

    large pantry with storage


    This oversized pantry is stunning, of course, but also totally functional. Unwrapping paper goods and stacking them makes the most of space— when you're arranging a deep pantry it always makes sense to store a backlog of extra products behind the ones you plan to use first. It always makes sense to use bins you can clearly see into.

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    Label Everything

    labeled bins in deep pantry


    When in doubt, label everything either by hand or with a label maker. Use the top shelf of a pantry for things you don't use all the time, like baking supplies and specialty appliances. Long, thin organizers work well in deeper pantries because you can fit many sides by side.

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    Add Deep Pull-Out Shelves

    pull out shelves in deep pantry


    This may not be a walk-in pantry, but its deep shelves hold a ton. Here, bigger bins on the shelves are used for paper products and backstock spices. Additionally, the turntables hold jars so you don't risk breaking anything looking for what you need, and the wooden shelves are custom-made to withstand a lot of weight from canned goods.

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    Organize Tupperware in Descending Size Order

    organized deep pantry


    Before you even begin organizing your pantry, it's helpful to have a plan. These pop-top bins, for example, seem to have been purchased with ascending order in mind and the pull-out drawers are neatly labeled. If you have the space, storing cans flat in a drawer is a great way to use some depth.

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    Bring in a Stool

    deep pantry with bins and wire baskets


    A stool is a must in a deep pantry so you can reach all the way to the back of higher shelves. We love the sleek turntables that keep sauces organized and easy to find while deep woven bins are a smart use of lower space.

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    Try Different Kinds of Bins

    deep pantry storage with labeled bins


    For some people, using exclusively clear bins may feel a little chaotic or visually busy. You can definitely use deep woven bins in a deep pantry, just make sure that your labels are large and clearly written. It always makes sense to decant things like sugar or flour which don't have specific cooking instructions on the packaging.

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    Use Top Shelves for Cookbooks

    deep pantry storage


    This deep pantry has it all: labels, risers, and plenty of bins. It's clever to use the top shelf for organizing cookbooks, which you probably won't need daily but it's nice to know exactly where to find the recipe you're craving. Large wire bins on top are ideal for storing lightweight back-stock items like paper goods.