How to Organize Your Own Shopping List

Weekly Shopping List Tips + Template

Organize a Weekly Shopping List
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I'm not saying you have to use my weekly shopping list, but you should organize a weekly shopping list of your own.


  • It helps when you're out and about and not sure if you're out of tissues or toilet paper or baking soda.
  • It will keep you from buying duplicates of products you don't need
  • It will help you communicate with other members of your household on what is needed. 

Organizing a weekly shopping list is a task that falls squarely into the KISS method: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

I like to keep a running list and by category. You could also organize your weekly shopping list by store (grocery, high-end market, bulk store, drugstore) but I like to organize by type of product. Whatever works for you, do it. (See also: Tools to Organize Grocery Shopping)

I divide mine into the following categories based on the set up of the two groceries stores I regularly shop in (Stop and Shop and Whole Foods). I bet your grocery store is similar. This will help so you're not running back and forth all over the store. 

___ Produce

___ Meat

___ Fish

___ Grains

___ Dairy

___ Snacks

___ Spices

___ Staples

___ Frozen

Bathroom Supplies & Toiletries
While I am not a fan of buying in bulk, I do suggest you have an extra tube of toothpaste and bottle of shampoo on hand for emergencies. Another option to use Amazon's Subscribe and Save so your toiletries are delivered when you need them. 

___ Shampoo

___ Conditioner

___ Hair Gel/Oil/Mouse/Cream

___ Toothpaste

___ Mouthwash

___ Floss

___ Hand Soap

___ Shower gel

___ Facial moisturizer

___ Body moisturizer

___ Sunblock

___ Razors

___ Shaving Cream

Household Supplies
Buying in bulk is more acceptable here because you can store much of this in a basement of attic storage space.

Just make sure they are labeled and that anything sensitive to climate (like laundry detergent) is kept at a normal room temperature. Again, I recommend the Amazon Subscribe and Save service for large items like bulk toilet paper and paper towels because why lug them home form the store when you could just have them delivered straight to your door. 

___ Toilet paper

___ Paper towels

___ Tissues

___ Cleaning supplies

___ Laundry detergent

___ Lightbulbs

___ Batteries

Office Supplies
Things like staples, envelopes, glue and pencils. These are the items you probably don't think to buy often but when you need them, you really, really need them.  

___ Printer paper

___ Envelopes

___ Pens and pencils

___ Stamps

___ Greeting cards (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays) Also check out my filing trick for always having a birthday card when necessary: I buy them a few times a year when I'm at Target (or similar) and then file them by month at home so I always have one handy. 

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