How to Organize Hats

10 Clever Ways to Store Your Hats

Hats hanging on hook on wall in bathroom
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If you or someone in your family is a hat person, then you probably already know that there's no such thing as too many options when it comes to hats. The issue is figuring out how to store all your hats so they don't get bent out of shape, and so you can see them so you don't forget what you have.

Storing hats poses an unusual problem. You want them stored tidily, sure, but unlike storing clothes or blankets or another uniform set of items, the best way to store hats will vary depending on what kind of hat you're trying to store. Shaped hats—such as fedoras or certain sun hats—need to be stored carefully so they don't lose their shapes or get dented, which means they can't be easily stacked or folded and they'll take up a lot of space. You can be less delicate with baseball hats, but those still aren't easy to fold, while soft hats (such as beanies or winter hats) can be folded down for easier storage. All that to say, you need smart storage solutions adapted to suit the type of hat you're working with.

From Command hooks to hat stands. clothespins to shelves, here are some of the best hat organization ideas to keep your collection in tip top condition.

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    Hats Hung With Clothes Pins

    hats hung using clothespins and twine on a branch

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    Here, a great collection of brim hats becomes part of the decor. Using weathered driftwood, twine, a hook to hang it all, and small clothespins, the hats cascade down the wall so you can see everything you have (good luck choosing just one to wear).

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    Hats in Labelled Bins

    hats in labelled woven bins

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    Labelled bins are an easy way to keep hats organized and contained. Stack the hats inside to keep them in order. Because these bins are woven, it's no big deal if they get a little disorganized.

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    Hats in a Deep Drawer

    hats stored in a deep drawer

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    If you're lucky enough to have a deep enough drawer, it makes the ideal storage for baseball hats. You can see everything you have when you pull open the drawer, but you'll keep them protected and away from dust when you're not wearing them.

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    Command Hook Hat Storage

    hats stored vertically on command hooks

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    Hooks or even nails in the wall (if you own) are an easy way to store straw or felt hats. Plus, it takes up vertical space that may otherwise not get used.

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    Hats Stored Using Curtain Clips

    hats stored on curtain clips

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    This clever hat storage uses curtain rod hooks to keep all the caps orderly. These take up less space that hangers, and it's easy to put each hat back to its exact right spot.

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    Hat Stands for Storage

    hats stored using hat standss

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    Make your closet feel like a luxe boutique by using hat stands. They're easy to find online in all different materials and price points, but these acrylic ones are super chic.

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    Colorful Custom Hat Boxes

    Colorful custom hat box storage

    @glasshouseclosets / Instagram

    It doesn't get much cooler than these colorful acrylic hat storage bins. The front panel lifts up allowing the bottom part which holds the cap to slide out. Plus, if you don't feel like adding color to your collection, you could opt for clear ones instead. Pro tip: wider shoe boxes may not look as sleek, but if you label them they'll get the job done.

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    Hats Hung on the Wall

    hats hung on wall

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    Make your hats part of a gallery wall by hanging them among mirrors or other wall art. It especially looks great if the hats are slightly different shapes, materials, and sizes as shown above.

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    Hats Displayed on Shelves

    hats displayed on shelves

    @livingsimplysorted / Instagram

    You can only wear one hat at a time, so you might as well make the rest of the collection part of your room decor. Here, wider shelves are the perfect spot for neatly displaying a big collection of baseball hats.

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    Kids' Hats Hung Vertically

    kids hats hung vertically on a wall

    @kimmiedeane_heavenat_57 / Instagram

    Let your kids see their hat options and choose the one they want by hanging them vertically on the wall. This frees up closet space, and the Command hooks come off easily without damaging the wall.

Hats are fun to wear, and notoriously difficult to store. These clever hat organization ideas make the most of your space while making sure your hat collection stays in great condition.