15 Smart Tips for Organizing Your Makeup

makeup organization

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It's fun to try out new makeup, but it can also be tricky to figure out where to store all those new palettes and lipsticks. You probably don't want to throw away perfectly good products (unless they're expired), but also don't want to sift through a sea of tubes and compacts when it's time to get ready.

Fortunately these makeup organization ideas will help you keep everything (including skincare and haircare) streamlined and organized, so you don't have to spend precious time rummaging through a bag to find the product you're looking for. From bins to clear organizers and labelled drawer dividers, these makeup storage solutions will make your life easier.

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    Wooden Bins

    wooden bins for organizing skincare

    Breathing Room

    Make your home feel like a tranquil spa by adding wooden bins to your bathroom storage. They'll keep everything neat and organized, plus you'll always know where to find a washcloth or extra deodorant.

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    Clear Bins

    clear bins for keeping makeup organized

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    Your bathroom drawers will look sophisticated when you add a simple clear bin with sections even for the smallest items. It's easy to find lightweight items like eyeliner (that usually fall to the bottom of a makeup bag) when everything has a spot.

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    Wooden Bin With Compartments

    wooden dividers for storing makeup

    @breathing.room.organization / Instagram

    Just looking at this beautifully organized makeup drawer will make you feel a sense of peace. Here, thanks to wooden dividers, everything from Q-tips and cotton pads to brushes, blushes, and nail clippers has its very own spot.

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    A Special Makeup Organizer

    clear stackable bin for makeup

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Stackable makeup drawers make it so that even the most devout product enthusiast has a spot for everything. If you add more makeup to your collection, it's no big deal; just add another storage bin to the stack.

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    A Bespoke Drawer for Makeup

    a drawer for makeup

    Mika Perry

    If you're doing a bathroom renovation, opt for a custom makeup drawer like this chic wooden one that has numerous compartments. The long narrow section up front is perfect for lipsticks and balms. While the smaller sections in the back work well for the makeup you may not use daily, but still want to hold on to for special occasions.

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    A Drawer With Dividers

    drawer with dividers for organizing maeuo

    @neatbymeg / Instagram

    Divide up drawers using labeled dividers for the ultimate organization. You could buy premade dividers, or easily make your own by using cardboard or plastic and a permanent marker.

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    A Clear Shelf

    clear shelf for storing perfume etc

    @neatbymeg / Instagram

    Clear bins are having a major moment in organization and for good reason. Not only do they allow you to see the products you have, especially the ones that may have expired, but they turn perfume and other pretty bottles into beautiful decor.

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    A Long, Thin Drawer

    makeup stored in long bathroom drawer

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    If you're lucky enough to have drawer space in your bathroom, a long, thin drawer is a great way to store makeup. Shallow bins keep everything tidy, and you can see everything you have every time you pull it open.

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    A Shelf for Makeup

    a bathroom shelf for makeup and skincare

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    If your closets are all tied up with clothes and linens, a shelf in a bathroom is a great alternative for storing makeup and beauty products. A bookshelf gets a new purpose as a low profile spot for storing nail polish, makeup, and sleek storage bins filled with products.

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    Wire Shelf Storage for Makeup and Haircare

    behind the door wire storage for makeup and haircare

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    If you're in a smaller home, make the most of the space you have by adding storage behind the door. These wire bins are slim but still have plenty of space for products, and the cute chalkboard signs make it a cinch to put things away.

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    A Makeup Holder

    a makeup holder for brushes and skincare

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    A stackable set of clear drawers turns your makeup, perfume, and skincare into part of the room's decor. Being able to see everything means less rummaging and more time getting ready, too.

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    Soft Baskets for Makeup

    soft baskets used for storing makeup and skincare in drawer

    @laura.cattano / Instagram

    If you have deep enough drawers, soft woven baskets are a lovely way to store makeup, skincare, and other beauty essentials. They create a softer look than plastic or acrylic bins. If you don't have the drawer space, they also look lovely on a vanity.

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    Drawer Dividers for Makeup

    makeup drawer dividers

    @neatbymeg / Instagram

    Drawer organizers are one of the best ways to make the most of the space you do have, and they don't have to be fancy. Best of all, they can be customized to work for your specific products; a long narrow divider may make the most sense for bottles, whereas shorter, wider sections are perfect for face masks or jars.

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    A Cup for Makeup Brushes

    overhead view of organized makeup drawer

    @alifemoreorganised / Instagram

    In addition to bins for holding bottles and jars, a cup is a great and easy way to keep makeup brushes organized and easy to find. Another great idea is to keep a small makeup bag of products you use regularly inside your drawer. This way, if you need to take makeup on-the-go, all you need to do is grab the bag and throw it in your purse.

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    A Smaller Makeup Holder

    a smaller makeup holder with spots for tubes

    @amara.accessoriesindia / Instagram

    Keep lip gloss, lipstick, and mascara tubes separate by using a makeup organizer with smaller square sections which is ideal for holding loose items. Larger spaces at the top are perfect for storing palettes and brushes.