13 Clever Ways to Organize Pot Lids

Cooking pots on the stove in a kitchen

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Pot lids are one of those household items that seem to multiply and clutter every cabinet and drawer in the kitchen, but fear not, we're sharing our favorite ways to neatly organize them. From a wall-mounted pot rail and simple drawer dividers to an over-the-door rack and a wooden organizer, these simple and inexpensive tips and tricks will keep your pot lids securely in place and easily accessible. Keep reading to see how to implement a new organizational system into your own kitchen.

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    Keep Pots and Lids Together

    Pot lids on pots in a drawer under the stove

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    Keep pots and lids together so that they are easy to grab without having to search for the right lid that pairs with that particular pot. Organize them in a deep drawer for the most convenient access, arranging them by size to maximize space.

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    Utilize a Lid Organizer

    Cooking pots and lids in a cabinet

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    Lid organizers are designed precisely for this purpose—to organize lids. Whether it's pot lids or food storage container lids, they come in various sizes and many have adjustable dividers to fit various-sized lids. The organizers are typically made from wood, plastic, or metal and can be placed inside a cabinet near your cooking pots for a clean and streamlined storage system.

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    Hang a Pot Rail

    Pots and pans hanging on the wall using pot rails

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    You can purchase a pot rail in multiple sizes and finishes—use it to hang both pots and pans as well as lids. Hang pots on hooks and slide the corresponding lids behind the rail above them.

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    Install a Lazy Susan Cabinet

    Pot lids on the bottom shelf of a cabinet under hanging pots and pans

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    A corner cabinet can easily feel like wasted space, especially if it gets cluttered and you need to rummage through countless items before finding what you need. Installing a lazy Susan in your corner cabinet is an excellent investment and a great spot to store cookware. Suspend pots and pans from the shelves and place lids on the bottom for quick access.

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    Use a Drawer Divider

    Cooking pots and lids organized in a drawer under the stove

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    Drawer dividers are an inexpensive organizational tool that isn't just for your silverware drawer. The dividers are usually made from bamboo wood and are extendable to fit most standard-sized drawers. Use them on the side of the drawer that houses pots and pans to arrange and hold lids in place.

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    Hang a Metal Rack

    Pots and a lid hanging from a metal rack

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    In addition to hanging pots, use your pot rack for lids as well, and hang them on hooks so you can grab them while cooking as needed. Since it's suspended from the ceiling, a pot rack is a great way to save cabinet space if you're working with a small kitchen and are trying to maximize every inch.

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    Fill a Server Drawer

    Server drawers filled with pot lids

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    A server in the kitchen doesn't just add charm and a decorative surface, it provides additional storage space. Use one drawer exclusively for lids, laying glass lids down in a single layer if possible so as not to damage them.

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    Use a Cabinet Shelf

    Casserole dishes with lids

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    Keep casserole dishes and their lids together on cabinet shelves. To save space and to be able to stack more dishes one on top of the other, flip the lids to create a stacking surface.

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    Store Less Frequently Used Lids in the Pantry

    Pantry with shelves on either side

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    If you're trying to save space in the kitchen, store less frequently used pots and lids—such as Dutch ovens—in the pantry or another closet. This way, they don't take up valuable real estate in your kitchen cabinets that could be used for other more often-used items, but they're still close by when needed.

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    Designate a Lid Drawer

    Pot lids in a kitchen drawer

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    If you are designing a new kitchen, make sure to incorporate a sufficient number of drawers into the design, as they are more practical and easier to navigate than cabinet shelves. Designate one drawer to pot lids only, preferably located next to, above, or below the drawers with the pots and pans.

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    Use an Over-the-Door Rack

    Pot lids on a rack installed on a cabinet door

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    An over-the-door rack provides storage for multiple pot lids without taking up any cabinet shelf space. It can be installed on the inside of a cabinet door or mounted on the wall—the metal tiers will hold each lid securely in place but make it easy to remove as needed.

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    Add a Rolling Cart

    Rolling kitchen cart

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    A rolling cart is an incredibly useful and inexpensive way to add extra storage space to a small kitchen. Instead of laying them down which would take up too much room on each shelf, arrange pot lids by standing them up vertically or diagonally to fit as many as possible on each tier. Keep the cart handy next to a cabinet or the stove, and roll it away into the pantry for easy cleanup.

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    Hang Pots and Lids Together

    Pots and lids hanging on a wooden wall rack

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    For a clever way to keep pots and their lids together, slide the handle through the lid and hang it up. Install a pot rail or peg board on the wall to hang them in your kitchen or pantry for quick and easy access.