16 Creative Ways to Organize Pots and Pans in Any Kitchen

drawer for pots and pans


Pots and pans are an essential part of every kitchen, but they're notoriously hard to store. Most pots and pans are too large for an average kitchen drawer, and you may not be excited about the idea of devoting precious counter space to pots (which aren't always the prettiest). Because pots and pans come in so many shapes and sizes, and you'll probably want them at least somewhat close to the stove, it can feel like a puzzle trying to get them all stored away in a way that makes sense. These pots and pans storage ideas will get your kitchen more organized and leave it uncluttered.

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    Store in a Designated Cabinet

    pots and pans in cabinet


    If you're going to use a cabinet for pots and pans, the organization is key for making sure you can see everything and no smaller pot gets lost in the back. Here pots are stacked in size order and a cookware rack acts as a divider to keep pans organized without scratching each other.

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    Install a Hanging Rack

    hanging rack for displaying pots and pans


    These pans are collectibles rather than everyday staples, so they get a moment to shine in the dining room area. An oval pot rack can showcase a lot of pots since the ceiling-mounted solution is strong and sturdy. However, be sure to always check the weight limit and make sure your ceilings can handle the weight. If your ceilings are particularly high, you may want to lengthen the chain on the rack so you can reach them more easily.

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    Use a Tiered System

    tiered pan storage


    A simple tiered holder is perfect for storing pans vertically. They won't get scratched this way, and you'll use space that would otherwise be empty. You can find storage racks like this online or at most organizations or home goods stores.

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    Bring in Some Greenery

    hanging pot rack decorated with greenery


    A pot rack is a gorgeous and efficient solution, especially in smaller kitchens. It frees up a cabinet and makes for a lovely focal point in the room if decorated. The greenery strung on the rack adds interest and warmth, making the rack a part of the decor.

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    Utilize Pantry Space for Large Pots

    pantry storage for bigger pots


    It usually makes sense to keep your favorite pots and pans near the range. However, larger soup pots and other more special-occasion items can be stored neatly in a pantry (if you're lucky enough to have one this big) alongside other more specialty appliances that you don't use regularly. It'll also be easily accessible if you have a walk-in pantry closet like the one shown above.

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    Hang Pots and Pans Right Above the Stove

    pots and pans on brushed gold hanging rack


    Here, a gorgeous brushed pot rack hangs above a range. You can find a hanging rack to match your hardware and style of your kitchen. This way, the pots and pans become part of the decor. Hanging racks are also great for storing spatulas and other kitchen tools you'll want just an arm's length away.

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    Create a Wall

    walll storage for pots

    Laura Cattano

    For a chic industrial kitchen look that's super practical, install hanging pot racks against a bare wall. The vertical space would otherwise go unused, and this keeps pots and pans in sight but out of the way. A great trick is to tuck the lids behind the bars.

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    Save the Deep Drawers for Pots

    drawer for pots and pans


    Deep drawers are a godsend when it comes to storing pots. These drawers are deep enough that the pans can be stored with their lids on. If you're renovating a kitchen, installing some bigger drawers is always a good idea, and a more narrow one works well for pans.

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    Divide by Shelves

    pots and pans in cabinet


    If you're struggling to find a place to store your pots and pans, the first thing you may want to do is edit your collection and pare it down to just the favorites. Here Le Creuset pots get their own stage (er, shelf), stainless steel pots are stacked in size order, and a pan divider keeps pans separate.

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    Place Cabinet Dividers

    cabinet dividers for pans


    A divided kitchen cabinet is so helpful for storing awkwardly shaped items that have a tendency to get lost (like baking sheets and smaller pans). You can always add dividers into your drawer, but if your kitchen has dividers built-in, or you're designing a kitchen from scratch, built-ins are a great way to go.

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    Store Large Pots in the Pantry

    pantry storage for tall pots


    It's nearly impossible to find a good place to store a stock pot... unless you have pantry space to spare. It's hard not to love a stocked and organized pantry, especially when it has room for pots and other appliances you bought with best intentions but may not use all that much in reality.

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    Separate Lids

    pot storage in cabinet with tiers and oven mit holder


    This storage solution is somewhere between a pantry and a cabinet. The wire tiers add additional layers and space for pans while the dividers for pot lids assure you'll never have to go searching for the one lid you need. What makes this extra creative are the Command hooks behind the door that are used for storing pot holders and oven mitts.

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    Install Built-in's

    drawer dividers


    Built-in drawer dividers are great for storing pots and pans, just make sure you have enough depth that the handle can fit and the drawer still closes. Lids, steamer baskets, and other kitchen accessories also fit. If your drawers don't already have installed built-in's, DIY your own.

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    Consider Open Shelving

    open shelves with pot rack


    Open floating shelves are great for storing anything from dry goods to pot lids when they're this organized. A hanging rack for smaller pots looks like a seamless extension of the shelves; it frees up space and also gives the kitchen a farmhouse feel.

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    Double the Pot Racks

    double wire pot racks

    Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens

    Double wire racks keep the area directly overhead clear while cooking (so tall people don't bump into any pots). Even the top of the pot rack is used for storing lids and other non-essentials (you just may need a kitchen stool to get them down).

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    Make It a Part of the Theme

    farmhouse kitchen with pot rack


    A vintage-looking pot rack completes a farmhouse-style kitchen. Whether you use it for storing the pots and pans you use regularly, or it's for showing pans you collect, this simple style wooden dowel with hooks could be bought or recreated with a DIY.

Regardless of your thoughts on cooking, every kitchen needs pots and pans; it can just be less than palatable thinking of ways to store them all. These pot and pan storage ideas will inspire you to find clever ways of organizing your pots and pans, so you can find what you're looking for.