How to Organize Socks

Rolled and folded up socks organized with drawer dividers inside shelf

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If you've been battling an overflowing sock drawer that only seems to get more full and disorganized with every new load of laundry, then this guide for organizing socks is for you! Step by step, we'll show you how to purge, sort, and arrange socks in a neat and efficient way so that your drawers are clutter-free and getting ready in the morning is a breeze.

Begin by Purging

As is the case with most organizing projects, the first step is to purge. Empty your sock drawer(s) and go through all your socks to see which ones you want to keep. You may be surprised at what's been hiding in the back of the drawer, and by the fact that you have way more pairs than you initially thought!

Get rid of old socks that may have holes or stains, ones that don't have a mate, or those that you've never worn and know you probably won't. This first step is key to decluttering your drawers and making sure that once you get to the organizing and arranging stage, you're working with only socks that you actually need and wear and that aren't just taking up precious drawer real estate.

If, by the end of the sock purge, you end up with a big pile of socks to get rid of, consider donating those that are still in good condition, or give them new life and repurpose them in a fun craft, such as a DIY gnome.

Old socks with holes and discoloration to be thrown out

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Sort Socks Into Categories

Now that you have gone through all the socks and gotten rid of those that you don't need, look at them all and start to identify the different types that you have. This may be dress socks, ankle socks, hiking and boot socks, or summer and winter socks. You can, of course, divide them by color as well if you want to go for a pretty rainbow organization system. Divide them into whatever groupings make most sense for you and that will make getting dressed in the morning quick and easy.

Once you have divided the socks into piles, fold them all in a uniform way to give your drawer a neat look. Roll them into a ball or fold them into a stack, ready to be arranged.

Blue, white, and pink socks separated and laid flat in small groups

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Organize and Arrange Your Sock Drawer

The final step is to get all the socks back in the drawer, all neatly organized and ready to be used. Start by cleaning the drawer itself first; sanitize and wipe it down to get rid of any dust or lint left behind. Make sure the drawer is fully dry before placing everything back inside.

There are several different ways that you could separate and arrange all the socks back in the drawer.

Drawer Dividers

The first is drawer dividers that are usually extendable, giving you flexibility when it comes to dividing the drawer. They usually come in multiples, so you can use several of them in one drawer and adjust them going length- or widthwise. If you set the dividers up lengthwise, place the socks you use most often upfront, and those you use less frequently in the back, so that the system is practical for everyday use.

Wooden drawer dividers inserted into top drawer

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Sock Drawer Inserts

Another way that you can divide the drawer is by using collapsible sock drawer organizers that come with a pre-designated spot for each pair of socks. They are foldable and can be stored away easily when not being used, and they are specifically designed for keeping your sock drawer neat and tidy. Everything is easily visible and each pair is clearly separated, meaning there's no way they'll get mixed up and disorganized again.

Drawer inserts filled with rolled up and folded socks

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Drawer Bins

If the majority of your socks look the same or you really only have two or three different categories (for example, dressy, ankle, and winter socks), you may want to go with clear plastic drawer bins. This way, the socks are still grouped by type and separated in a clean and elegant way, and all the pairs are easily visible and accessible.

Clear storage bin filled with folded socks

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Consider an Alternative Storage Solution

If you're short on drawer space but can't figure out how else you could possibly store all those socks, fear not. An over-the-door hanging organizer with clear plastic pockets is a budget-friendly organizational tool that you can purchase online or in a home goods store, and it's the perfect alternative for storing socks in an organized, clutter-free way. Your socks won't take up any drawer space, and they'll be neatly separated and easily visible so you can quickly grab what you need.

Tan-colored over the door hanger with folded socks inside clear inserts

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