How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

7-step project plan to help you get your kitchen cabinets organized quickly.

How to organize your kitchen cabinets depends a great deal on what type of cook you are. Do you use your kitchen to entertain? To cook from scratch? To use as a clothes storage space (believe me--I've seen it!)?

The key to organizing your kitchen cabinets efficiently is to utilize your prime real estate. Those would be the cabinets just above and below two major work areas in your kitchen:  the counter space you use to prep food, and the area you use to dry dishes (either a dishwasher or dish...MORE drainer). Once you have these two spots identified, you can build you cabinet organization out from there.

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    How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets
    Get started organizing your kitchen cabinets. Photo / Getty

    The sheer number of different types of items stored in your kitchen cabinets makes them a unique challenge to organize. The first step is to get motivated to take this on: Deciding to organize your cabinets is important and acceptance is always the first step!

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    Complete Inventory of What to Store in Your Cabinets

    Pan Dividers
    Pan Dividers. Photo /The Container Store

    Sometimes knowing what not to do is just as important to knowing what to do --and/or how to do it. If you know ahead of time what not to store in your kitchen cabinets, it will be easier to create room for the items you really should be storing in your cabinets.  Kitchen cabinet storage checklist:

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    Declutter Your Cabinets

    Keri Russell's kitchen in Elle Decor Magazine
    Keri Russell's kitchen in Elle Decor Magazine. Photo / Elle Decor

    First, you need to complete a full-blown kitchen cabinet decluttering, then you can can do shorter sessions to refresh the cabinets. The more often you declutter, the less time it will take. Some people like to do this twice a year and spend a few hours, others like to declutter on the regular.

    Either way, I have two guides for you so you don't miss a thing:

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    Store and Organize Your Appliances Properly

    Kitchen Cabinets by Julian Wass
    Kitchen Cabinets by Julian Wass. Photo / Julian Wass

    Getting those clunky, awkward appliances organized is one of the most important parts of organizing your kitchen cabinets. I've devised a simple plan to follow for organizing and maintaining your appliances:

    • Pare down
    • Cut clutter
    • Store by use
    • Maintain organization
    Read the Guide: How to Declutter, Store and Organize Kitchen Cabinets
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    Use the Right Organizers and Storage Solutions

    Martha Stewart Kitchen with Open Shelving
    Martha Stewart Kitchen with Open Shelving. Photo / Martha Stewart Living

    Maximizing space in your kitchen cabinets is made easy with the kitchen cabinet organizers:

    1. Storing: Learn how to store big items like pots, pans and appliances correctly.
    2. Shelving: Install shelving to double your storage space.
    3. Stacking: Stack similar items for more cohesive organizing scheme.
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    Use The Best Tips to Organize Your Cabinets

    Pull Out Lid Organizer from the Container Store
    Pull Out Lid Organizer from the Container Store. Photo / Container Store

    I like a good list of tips, so I put together--after a lot of research--the ideas, time savers, and tricks that seem to work across a large set of kitchens to help organize the cabinets.

    Organizing Tips for Kitchen Cabinets