3 Ways to Pack Hangers When You're Moving

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While it may seem like an easy task, packing hangers correctly when moving is essential. If not packed properly, you run the risk of hangers being broken, bent, or damaged.

If they're thrown in a box with other items and clothing, they can potentially cause scratches, tears, and snags. Before getting started, consider the types of hangers that you have—whether they're non-slip velvet, wood, or plastic—and go through them to see if any are already broken and if so, discard them.

For the best packing method that suits your needs, consider the following options in order to prevent as much moving damage as possible and save yourself the cost and hassle of having to replace items. Here are three ways to pack your hangers.

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    Use a Wardrobe Moving Box

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    The best possible option when it comes to packing both hangers and clothing are cardboard wardrobe boxes since they are specifically designed for this purpose.

    Unlike a regular moving box, its height and construction are built to hold hanging clothes to mimic an actual wardrobe or closet. This type of packing box is available in multiple heights and widths depending on what garments you want to store inside. Its main feature is a plastic or cardboard rail at the top, from which you can hang hangers.

    Keep shirts, dresses, and pants on the hangers and hang them inside the wardrobe box. Pack enough hangers so items don't fly around the box, but not too tightly, or else the clothes will get excessively creased or even damaged in the process.

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    Pack Hangers By Type


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    A good way to protect your hangers during a move is to group the same types of hangers together. Chances are, you own more than one style of hanger, so divide them into their own groups.

    The lighter and more compact types of hangers are velvet non-slip hangers that are easy to stack and don't slide around as much as other types. Then, there are plastic hangers that are also light, but not easily stackable and prone to breaking easily—however, they're the cheapest to replace. Wood hangers are a stylish closet option but can be heavy and bulky. They need to be wrapped properly in order for the wood not to get scratched. Silk-covered hangers are less frequently used and more delicate than the others, which is important to keep in mind when packing.

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    Use Zip Ties

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    Zip ties are an inexpensive packing tool you can buy in bulk and use for countless items, including clothing hangers. If you are packing hangers on their own, meaning not with clothing hanging on them, and you've sorted them into groups by type, secure them together using zip ties.

    Stack the hangers neatly, then secure each end with a zip tie, ensuring it's tight enough for the hangers to stay together, but not so tight that they get damaged.

  • What is the best way to store hangers?

    Storing hangers correctly ensures that they don't get damaged and don't ruin other items around them, but it also helps save valuable storage space. Group hangers together by type, such as plastic, wood, silk, or velvet hangers, as this will stack them or hang them in a more compact way. Secure stacks of hangers with zip ties, twisty ties, or rubber bands and store them on a rail, inside a plastic container, or in a cardboard box.

  • What is the easiest way to move hangers?

    The easiest way to move hangers is to use a wardrobe moving box. This is the best method as this type of packing box was designed for this specific purpose. Unlike a classic cardboard box, it has a hanging rail at the top, either made from plastic or cardboard, to hang hangers. It's highly convenient because you can transfer the hangers with the clothes directly into your new closet when you're unpacking.

  • How do you pack hangers so they don't break?

    Avoid throwing hangers of all different types into a bag or moving box haphazardly, as this will cause damage and make unpacking a serious hassle. Instead, use one of the above packing methods—whether it's a wardrobe moving box grouping the same types of hangers together.