How to Pack and Protect Lamp Shades When Moving Your House

White lamp shade
Patrick Chondon / EyeEm / Getty Images.

If you're moving a short distance, often it's not necessary to pack lamp shades separately from their base. But if you're moving a long distance or storing it into a storage facility for a while, then you should always properly pack shades so they won't get damaged. Shades are delicate and attract dirt and dust. 

If you have to pack shades, follow these steps. 

Get the Right-sized Box

Choose a moving box large enough to accommodate the lamp shades.

Securely seal the bottom with packing tape. If the box is a lot bigger than the shade, make sure you line the bottom with packing paper or towels or anything soft to cushion it. If the box fits perfectly, no need to add cushioning. 

Pack More than One Shade in the Box

If you want to pack more than one shade in the box, start with the smallest shade. Holding its wire rim, place the first shade into the box, making sure it's centered.

Next, spread plain newsprint or brown packing paper over the shade and slip the second shade on top of the first. Be aware that you should always use plain paper. Newsprint will rub off on delicate surfaces such as lamp shades.

Now you can repeat the layering of your shades until all your shades are nested, ranging from the smallest to the largest. Make sure there is enough room to secure the box without pushing down on the nested shades.

Seal the Box and Label it

Do not pack anything on top of the shades, not even soft items such as linens.

Shades are fragile and can easily be crushed. You can add packing paper or soft linens on top of the shades if there's enough room in the box. If not, close the box and seal it with packing tape. 

Label the box as "fragile" and indicate which end is up. Also include the contents and which room the movers should move it into.


If you're moving yourself, make sure when you load the moving truck that you place the box on the truck, make sure nothing else is stacked on top. Put the box in a secure location, such as in the cubbyhole of a desk.


  1. Before you begin, wash and dry your hands well. Shades easily stain.
  2. Always pick up the shade by the wire rim. Never squeeze the sides of the shade.
  3. Always nests shades when you can. This provides greater protection from damage.
  4. Always use plain paper. Printed newsprint will leave ink and smudges and fingerprints on fragile surfaces such as shades.

What You Need:

  • Appropriate size box
  • Plain newsprint
  • Packing tape
  • Marker
  • Lamp shades