How to Pack Table Lamps for Moving

Moving boxes with lamp
Bellurget Jean Louis / Getty Images

When you're packing up your house for a move, sometimes it's the smaller items that can cause the most headaches. Moving lamps can be especially tricky since they come in varied shapes and sizes.

Here are a few simple tips to help you pack your table lamps so they arrive at your new home intact.

Get the Right Size Boxes

For the most part, buying boxes from a moving company isn't the greatest bargain; you can usually get square or rectangular boxes at low or no cost from retail stores that are discarding them.

But there aren't really standard-sized boxes that will work for lamps. So in this instance, it's worth buying the boxes from the moving company, so you can select boxes that are the right size and shape. Measure all your lamps first and buy boxes that will accommodate the tallest lamp.

Once you've put the box together, secure the bottom with reinforced packing tape.

Pack Each Part of the Lamp Separately

Remove the bulb and lampshade prior to packing. Wrap the cord around the lamp's base and secure it so it won't unravel. You probably want to avoid using packing tape for this, since it may stick to the lamp and cause damage. Your best bet is to tuck the plug end into the wrapped cord.

On a clean, flat surface, spread out a large length of bubble wrap. Place the lamp on its side in the middle of the bubble wrap, roll it up and secure it with tape. For longer moves, you should add another layer of bubble wrap.

Wrap several lengths of tape around the lamp, and fold over the edges of the bubble wrap to secure the bottom of the lamp. Tape it tightly, and do the same with the top of the lamp. The lamp should now be completely covered and protected.

Packing Lampshades

Always use plain paper, not newspaper, to pack your lampshades, and don't put anything other than paper or bubble wrap on top of the shades. Be sure you can close and tape the box without crushing the shade or shades inside.

Make sure your hands are clean and dry before you remove the lampshade to avoid stains.

It's okay to pack more than one shade in a box as long as they stack well and fit comfortably. Put any boxes containing shades in a secure location among other moving boxes.

Mark the Lamp Box 'Fragile'

Place the lamp in the box base down. If you have more than one lamp to move and the box has enough room, you can pack a second lamp next to the first one, base to base (this is ideal for a set of matching lamps).

Use newsprint or extra bubble wrap to fill any spaces so the lamps will not shift during the move. Seal the box and mark it with "fragile" and "this end up". Make sure you write on the box which room the lamp belongs in (living room, bedroom, etc).