Planning a 100th Birthday Celebration

Ideas for Showing Off the Magnitude of this Event

Woman Blowing Out Candles
Thomas Fricke / First Light / Getty Images

There isn't a lot of things elderly people have to look forward too. Many have already experienced most of life's precious touchtones and are enjoying the day that's ahead of them. Once a member of the elderly community hits 90, 10 more years does not seem entirely impossible to celebrate a huge birthday marker the big 1 - 0 - 0. It's a special and rate occasion when human being spends 100 years on this earth. It's pretty impressive to see a loved one live to see his or her 100th birthday, and it's certainly deserving of a very special celebration. Readers in our Entertaining Forum have been sharing ideas for the best way to celebrate someone's older milestone birthday. Here are the best ideas that have been shared for activities you can plan to emphasize the magnitude of this milestone event.

Display photos of the guest of honor from the youngest days up until today. You could create a slideshow of these photos that plays throughout the party; frame them and use as table centerpieces; frame them and hang them around the room.

Assemble posters of photos from each decade of the person's life and put them up around the room on easels.

Create a handout for all guests that lists all the important events, milestones, and accomplishments of this person's life. Include photos on the front and back of this brochure.

Play music from this person's favorite decade of music.

When you invite guests, ask them to bring a written memory of this person so you can put together a scrapbook of memories at a later date. If time allows, read aloud some of the memories during the party.

Put together collections of 100 items to visually demonstrate the magnitude of that number. It could be a centerpiece with 100 flowers; a basket filled with 100 favorite cookies or candies; a bouquet of 100 balloons. Or ask everyone to bring enough of a useful item to create 100 all together. This might be pennies from the year of birth, packs of sugar, skeins of yarn, nails, pads of paper, etc.

Serve a large platter of fruit or vegetables. In the center of the platter create the number 100 out of one of the ingredients.

Videotape guests during the party and ask them to share their favorite memory of the centenarian. Present that tape as a gift at the end of the party.

If you go to Memory Road they have a small booklet that you can put on each of the tables that tells you about 1910 (cost of a house, average income and other interesting facts).

You can write to the White House and they will send the guest of honor a signed letter from the President wishing them a happy birthday.