How to Plan a Classic July 4th Barbecue

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    Cherish Tradition on this Fun Holiday

    4th of July BBQ
    4th of July BBQ. Huffington Post

    The classic 4th of July BBQ is what we look forward to all year. Summer, sunshine, pools and lots of fields of green, Independence day is a time of year that mostly everyone can relax and unplug from their busy day to day. Celebrations with family and friends are happening throughout neighborhoods and cities across America. Between children and adults alike we all look forward to this yearly holiday where we can unwind and celebrate a weekend full of festive activities with loved ones.

    Independenc...MOREe, stars and stripes, fireworks, and blueberry pie - that's what July 4th is all about. It's a day full of tradition that falls in the middle of the lazy days of summer. As hot as the weather may be, there's no need to sweat the menu. Go with America's traditional barbecue favorites, and everyone will be happy.

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    Not Sure What to Serve?

    EyeSwoon. EyeSwoon

    If you're not sure what to serve at a classic barbecue, ask most kids and they'll tell you - corn on the cob, hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, ribs and something chocolate for dessert. A build your own burger table, nacho bar or ice cream sundae station are all great ideas for 4th of July as well. There are so many great burger and hot dog toppings out there, have fun with your set-up. I've also never met a potato salad recipe i didn't like.

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    Chips & Dip

    Chips and Dip
    Party Chips and Dip. Dana Gallagher / Real Simple

    I might add some chips and dip for starters, something green (I am a mother, after all!) and a fruit dessert to take advantage of the season's best produce. Beyond that, serve plenty of cold beverages to beat summer's heat.

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    Keep It Simple

    4th of July BBQ
    4th of July BBQ. Huffington Post

    Don't be afraid to put together a really simple menu for the event. It's usually humid, hot and muggy on the holiday so if you are hosting the party outside (whether depending) I suggest to stick with a low fuss menu. Assign a grill master for the day. There is always someone who loves to be behind the grill and feeding guests the fruit of their labors of the day. I would also consider asking someone to keep an eye on ice and drinks. When it's hot outside there is nothing worse than...MORE running short on ice cold beverages for your party goers.

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    Remember to Relax!

    Taylor Swift relaxing
    Taylor Swift relaxing. TheSwiftAgency

    Mostly the 4th of July is a time to relax. Always remember this and keep it a priority in all your party planning. You want to enjoy your event too and it takes a lot of energy to host this kind of thing. Plan in advance to make sure the day goes smoothly and everyone is happy. 

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    Table Decor

    4th of July Decor
    4th of July Decor.

    Finally, pull out your red, white and blue table decorations, and flags for decorations. Then, sit back, and savor America's freedoms and the simplicity of time-honored traditions.

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    Lasting Memories

    Tiny Celebrators

    A classic 4th of July BBQ is best when you have good friends, food and create memories to share for years to come. Don't forget what's important when you celebrate this special day.

    I've gathered a starter menu for you to explore when planning for your own 4th of July celebration.

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    The Menu, Thanks Me Later!

    Blueberry Pie
    Blueberry Pie.

     The Classic July 4th Barbecue

    Salsa and Chips
    Salsa has become almost as American as ketchup. Make a large batch to tame appetites before the grilling is completed.

    Grilled Corn on the Cob with Bacon
    You might want to serve plain butter, as well, for the kids.

    To Die for Burgers
    An easy recipe that packs lots of flavor.

    Lewis' Coney Island Hot Dogs
    Some people will say this is the only way to have a hot dog.

    Barbecue Ribs
    Barbecue Guide Derrick Riches offers great suggestions for turning out perfect...MORE ribs.

    Quick Potato Salad
    A classic salad that includes onions, peppers, mayonnaise, vinegar and spices.

    Spinach Salad
    Everything can be prepared in advance, but you should toss it all together at the last minute.

    Brownie Sundaes with Banana Chips
    You can't get a more complete dessert than when you combine brownies, ice cream, sauce and toss in a little fruit as a bonus.

    Blueberry Pie with Lemon Pastry
    Blueberry pie is one of my favorite summertime treats.

    Beer, soft drinks, water, wine.