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Wet Head Game from Zing Toys
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Tell that popular game Pie Face to move over! There are so many silly family games now! Meet Wet Head, the water roulette game from Zing Toys. Wondering if you should buy the Wet Head Game? Here's how to play.

The Wet Head game does not require a person to sit and wait for whipped cream to be launched into their face! Instead, Wet Head is a simple game of water roulette. Players take turns wearing a water filled construction hat and hope they do not lose, when the water ends up being dumped on them!

In order to play Wet Head, friends and family gather in an area, like the kitchen, where it is safe for water play. Then, fill the hat with water. Players will take turns wearing a yellow construction hat with 8 pins. While one person wears the hat, another player will spin the spinner. Depending upon what is stated on the spinner, the person may be removing 1 or 2 pins, skipping a turn, removing a pin and spinning again, or reversing the game play. If the player wearing the hat stays dry, pass on the hat to the next player. Otherwise, at any random moment, when a pin is removed, all of the water could come spilling out of the hat, dribbling down onto the face and shoulders of the person wearing the hat.

On a hot summer day at a family cookout or as a great family beach activity, most people would probably prefer to take the Wet Head Challenge versus the Ice Bucket Challenge or the Pie Face Whipped Cream Challenge!

The game play can easily be modified when playing with younger children or playing indoors. Just reducing the amount of water placed into the game hat. For little kids, you may want to eliminate the spinner all together, treating it like a piñata, each person getting a turn to remove one peg at at time.


While there is really simple game play involved, nothing says that adults can't make it more difficult and competitive, by incorporating trivia questions, obstacle courses or any other number of crazy ideas. In order to reduce the time players need to wait for a turn, buy several hats. Sit players side-by-side, then arrange for a Wet Head duel. Players can spin the spinner, follow the directions and race to remove the pegs one at a time to see who gets drenched first!

Games like this are great at getting adults to embrace their inner child and it should not be difficult to recruit players. It is a great game that allows young and old to play together, because the directions are simple and no reading is required.

Do not just consider family gatherings for playing the Wet Head game. This could also be a very entertaining way to pass the time at a child's birthday party or used as an ice breaker at a work event. If you are planning on playing Wet Head at an event with adults,  consider buying a few extra ponchos in case a child or an adult really wants to play, but is not able to deal with getting their clothing wet!

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