5 Things You Should Do to Prep For a Move Before You Even Start Packing

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Moving into a new home is a life experience that few people describe as "fun." But with our tips for things to do before you move in, you'll be ready when the big day arrives. Packing may be top of mind as you prepare to call a new space home, but it's far from the only essential thing you need to do before actually moving. These five things are equally as important, and will set you up for moving success.

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    Change the Locks at Your New Home

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    When you move out of a home, it's customary to pass along all of your keys to the new owners or renters, but it's still a good idea to do your due diligence and change the locks on your new home if you're able to. If you're a renter, simply check with your landlord to see what's allowed, and if you're a home owner, go ahead and set up fresh locks on your fresh home. While most people do pass along all the keys they have in their possession during the moving process, there's no way to confirm whether there are other spare keys or lost keys floating around.

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    Contact Utility Companies

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    As you prepare to move from one home to another, make sure you take the time to contact utility companies. Cancel any utilities that are in your name at your old address (effective on your move out date) and set up new utilities at your new home. Handling this before moving day will not only make the moving out process smoother, but help ensure that you won't go without utilities in your new home as well.

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    Set Up Mail Forwarding

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    While it is common to share your new address with close friends and acquaintances, you're likely on a number of mailing lists that won't know your new location. Set up mail forwarding for at least six months to make sure you don't miss any important bills or letters.

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    Make Digital Copies of Important Documents

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    It's always best to travel with physical copies of your most important documents—passports, birth certificates, drivers licenses, etc—but making digital copies of each before you move is highly suggested. Should anything go missing in transit you can rest assured that your digital documents are safe and sound.

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    Start Cleaning Early

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    Even if you clean your space regularly, dust and grime can build up in unexpected places. That's why, once you know a move is on the horizon, it's important to start cleaning a little bit every single day. If most surfaces are clean before you even start packing, you'll be much less likely to need a big clean on moving day.