How to Press Tofu

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    What you'll need

    Healthy Tofu
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    To press your tofu, you'll need a cutting board, several paper towels or a clean dish cloth, a large bowl or another cutting board, and something to use as a weight (I used a can of baked beans).

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    Place a your tofu on a layer of paper towels.

    Place the tofu on a double layer of paper towels.

    Fold a paper towel or dish cloth in half or fourths to increase absorbency. Place the towels on the cutting board and place the tofu on the towels. If the towels become too wet after absorbing the initial moisture, you may want to place the tofu on a second fresh layer of towels.

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    Place a weight on top of the tofu.

    Place another layer of folded paper towels or a clean kitchen cloth top of the tofu. Then, place the bowl or another cutting board on top of the towels. Next, place the weight on top. Your weight should be heavy enough to press down evenly across the top of the tofu, but not so heavy that the tofu crumbles. A large can of beans or soup is perfect. Let the tofu sit for at least 15 minutes.

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    OPTIONAL: Slice and freeze tofu.

    Healthy Tofu
    Lilli Day / Getty Images

    After you have pressed your tofu for at least 15 minutes, you may also want to slice it into strips or cubes and then freeze it. Freezing tofu will change the texture of the tofu, making it firmer and "chewier", as well as more absorbent, like a sponge. The tofu pictured above was frozen then marinated in a soy sauce marinade. Notice how it has changed colors from absorbing the soy sauce marinade.