How to Print Quilt Patterns

Quilt Bocks On Point
Quilt Blocks On Point. Jane Tyson / E+ / Getty Images

It's easy to print patterns and tutorials even if a print-friendly button doesn't exist.

Use Your Browser's Capabilities

Firefox has a Reader View. Look for it in the top of the browser, just to the right of the link you see when you land on a page. Check to make sure that images are included.

Printing in Safari

Safari also includes a Reader View to the right of each page's link, but may not include graphics.

Use a Browser Add-On

  • Install a browser add-on called Evernote Clearly. The add-on will place a small button in the header of your browser. When clicked, it brings up a page that removes all content not related to the actual pattern or tutorial. Be sure to check the preferences area and tell Clearly to include images.
  • Clearly may look different or be visible in a different spot, depending on your browser. If you have problems with images, refer to the controls for 'More Options' within the documentation. This page should help
  • The Evernote Clearly add-on works with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Clearly is an excellent option for printing, and works on any website. You'll love that it saves ink and paper.

Use the Typical Print Function

Choose the regular print function on your browser and you'll see that the majority of 'extra' content is stripped out, but the links to other sites may be visible.

  • You can copy and paste (into a word processing document) small areas of the content at a time, but if you try to select the entire page, you will capture the sidebar area.
  • You can also save the pages as PDF files to totally eliminate paper and ink/toner costs.

Please abide by copyright laws and do not paste the patterns onto another website or use them professionally.

How to Search for a Quilt Pattern or Articles

The Search area is a large white opening in the purple header near the top of each page.

Be specific when searching for a pattern or quilting article. Try to use the words 'quilt' or 'quilting' within the search. For example, searching the term 'log cabin' might take you to plans to build a log cabin, not to a log cabin quilt pattern.