How to Print a Recipe From Your Computer

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With so many good sources online of new recipes, ideas on cooking basics, recipes of restaurant specialties, wine and beer pairings, dessert choices and full menu ideas based around an entree, it's important to know how to print all this information out for future reference. So when the holidays roll around again next year, for instance, you don't have to look up that terrific chocolate torte that was such a hit with the family.

Or the barbecued brisket that made the Fourth of July so special. 

How to Print Recipes or Other Cooking Information

Method No. 1

  • Highlight the section you want to print on the page.
  • Hold the control key ("Ctrl") down as the same time you hold down the letter "P."
  • Only the selection you have highlighted will show up in the box to be printed.
  • Click "Print" and you will get only what you highlighted.

Method No. 2

  • Find the icon to print on the recipe page.
  • Click and it will bring up the menu for your printer.
  • Choose the size of paper you want.
  • Click "Preview" to be sure it is going to print the recipe you want.
  • Follow your menu directions to print; this usually is simply clicking "Print."

Save the Recipe in a Word Document and Then Print

  • Highlight what you want to save, as in Method 1 above.
  • Open Word on your computer and copy your recipe into a blank document.
  • Save the Word document.
  • If you'd like the recipe in a larger font, change that on the Word document by highlighting the recipe and clicking the font size you prefer.
  • Print the recipe from the Word document by pressing the control key and the letter "P" at the same time or clicking "Print" from your printer menu icon.

Other Ways to Save Cooking Information

If you search a lot of recipes, meal ideas and information on wine and beer pairings and want to save them but don't need them immediately or don't want to save them all in a recipe box or file, you can still keep them handy on your computer or tablet by just bookmarking the page and then making file folders on your computer to keep various pages you'd like to save organized.

You can make general folders like "Food," "Wine," "Beer," "Cocktails" or "Menus," or you can get very specific, with files like "Casseroles," "Holiday Menus," "Filled Pies" or "Wines to Pair With Italian Food." 

You'll end up with a treasure trove of cooking information and when you need a particular recipe, menu idea or other information, you simply go to the specific file on your computer and copy the recipe on a card or print it out, as described above, when you need to use it.