Easy Step-By-Step Guide: How to Put on a Duvet Cover

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    Duvets and Duvet Covers

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    If you are looking for warmth but hate lots of layers on the bed, then a duvet is the perfect option. A duvet is a lightweight bed cover of two pieces of fabric stitched together and filled with down or synthetic fiberfill. Duvet is actually a French word meaning down.

    Many people use a duvet instead of a top sheet and blanket or bedspread because it is lightweight, warm, and makes it simple to use when making a bed look well made for the day. If you use a duvet in direct contact with sleepers, it should have a washable cover much like a pillow case is used to protect a down-filled pillow.

    The duvet may only need to be cleaned once or twice a year. However, the duvet comforter should be washed much more often - more like sheets - if used directly on top of a sleeper.

    The covers can be made of cotton, synthetics, wool, or silk and have a method of closing over the duvet - a zipper or buttons. The cover should fit snugly over the duvet so there is no shifting or bunching.

    This tight fit can make putting on the cover difficult - especially for one person alone - because of the size of the duvet. But by following these simple directions, the job is simple and can be done quickly.

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    Step One

    Duvet cover

    For this instruction, we're using two pillowcases to represent the duvet and the duvet cover. The white pillowcase is the duvet and the green pillowcase will act as the cover.

    Begin by laying the duvet cover (green pillowcase) flat on the bed or floor with the cover opening facing you at the end of the bed.

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    Step Two

    Duvet cover half

    Fold the duvet cover in half with the opening still facing you at the end of the bed.

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    Step Three

    Duvet fourth

    Fold the duvet cover in half again with the opening still facing you at the bottom of the bed. The duvet cover will now be in quarters.

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    Step Four

    Duvet laid flat

    Move the folded duvet cover (green pillowcase) to the side.

    Spread the duvet (white pillowcase)  out smoothly across the bed. Be sure it is laid out in the same direction as the cover if the duvet is not square.

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    Step Five

    Duvet half

    Fold the duvet in half. Obviously, the duvet will be much thicker than the pillowcase used in this demonstration. Keep the edges facing you.

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    Step Six

    Duvet fourths

    Fold the duvet in half again. The duvet will now be in quarters and rather thick.

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    Step Seven

    Duvet and cover insertion

    Retrieve the folded duvet cover (green pillowcase) and place on the bed or floor with the opening on top. Slide in the folded duvet (white pillowcase) into the cover opening with the loose corners facing up and lining up with the duvet cover corners.

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    Step Eight

    duvet and cover

    After the folded duvet (white pillowcase) is inserted into the folded cover (green pillowcase), grasp one corner of duvet and one corner of the cover in your left hand. Repeat with your right hand on the opposite side. Holding firmly, lift both the cover and the duvet off the bed making sure the duvet is sliding down inside the cover.

    Give the cover and the duvet a good shake still holding firmly to the corners. The duvet will easily slide down into the cover.

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    Step Nine

    cover and duvet

    Still holding the corners firmly and after shaking the two pieces together, lay the duvet and cover down on the bed. Smooth out any wrinkles and button or zip the cover and duvet together.

    Enjoy your success!