How to Rearrange Your Room and Get a Totally New Look

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Alvin Wayne

If you're feeling ready to make some changes to one of the rooms in your home but aren't quite sure where to begin, you certainly don't need to go out and purchase all brand new furnishings and accessories to zhush up your space. On the contrary, it's easy to revive a tired room simply by moving around your favorite pieces—and we're all for a design trick that is 100 percent free.

There are some key tips you'll want to keep in mind as you rearrange a space, though, to ensure maximal success. Read on to gather insights from designers regarding what steps to take first and what types of accent pieces deserve to take center stage. You can thank them later when you feel like you've moved into a brand new space at the end of the weekend.


You'd be surprised how drastically different a space may look after you go through your belongings and decide what no longer needs to be on display. "Take stock of what you have and what's working," designer Ahmad AbouZanat of PROJECT AZ suggests. "Make space for the things that bring you joy." After you do so, you'll have a better sense of what kinds of storage solutions you'll need in a given space, AbouZanat adds.

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Tackle the Biggest Pieces First

Be realistic about what your options are in terms of the placement of large items, designer Megan Hopp says. "Putting your couch in a weird place just for the sake of switching it up is never a good call," she comments. Doing some planning ahead of time is also key, notes designer Jessica Kain Barton. "How do you want the space to function? What do you not enjoy about your current setup? Sketch it on a piece of paper or blue tape it out on the floor before you start moving."

Maybe you'll find that there really is only one feasible spot for that TV console to live. In that case, think a bit smaller. "Stick to swapping around smaller accent pieces like side tables, floor lamps, and decor," Hopp suggests.

Relocate Art and Decor

Decor in particular can really transform the state of a room, so you may wish to revisit your collection of extras or move around pieces you do have on display and let them live in a new spot. "Art and mirrors can hugely impact and or change the feeling of a space, and so refreshing the location of those kinds of pieces is something I always advise giving a go," Hopp says.

Designer Nadia Watts agrees. "Changing the location of your art is a fabulous way to transform your living room, family room, or dining room spaces," she says. "Just recently, I rehung a grouping of artwork from other rooms of the home to create a new gallery feel to the living room." This allowed Watts to embrace a new color scheme without having to redo the entire space.

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Cathie Hong Interiors

Carve Out a Nook

A nook is a great way to add visual interest to a room, AbouZanat says. "Start by finding a wall or small corner that you can transform to make your own and add a comfortable seat, pillows, a plant, or art that you love," he suggests. "Consider how you can layer textures in this vignette to create depth by using unexpected patterns or colors." This can be done by bringing in throw pillows, blankets, wallpaper, and the like.

Go Big

Incorporating an oversized element to a space is an excellent way to create another kind of focal point, AbouZanat says. "It's best to do this with simply one or two elements so that it doesn't overpower the room," he advises. "For example, if you're an avid art collector, consider creating a gallery wall with your favorite pieces that complement the color palette of the room." Listen to your gut instincts and you can't go wrong. As AbouZanat puts it, "A space that is well decorated and personalized is one that you will be happy to spend time in."

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Alvin Wayne