Toilet Fill Valve - How To Replace A Toilet Fill Valve

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    Turn the water to the toilet off

    Bathroom Renovation - Toilet Valve Problem
    Phil King/Creative Commons/Flickr

    The first thing to do is to turn the water to the toilet off.

    Flush the toilet and sponge out the excess water so it does not make a mess on the floor when you remove the fill valve.

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    Remove The Toilet Fill Valve

    Removing a toilet fill valve
    The toilet fill valve is held in place by a nut under the toilet tank. Aaron Stickley

    To remove the toilet fill valve you first need to disconnect the water line going into it. Next, loosen and remove the nut under the toilet tank that holds the fill valve in place. Then lift the old toilet valve out of the toilet tank.

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    Prepare The New Fill Valve

    Preparing the new fill valve
    Aaron Stickley

    To prepare the valve you will need to put the rubber washer onto the fill valve. Adjust the height of the fill valve as necessary.

    Tip: You want the fill valve to be slightly taller than the overflow tube but not so tall that it will prevent the tank lid from closing.

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    Install The New Fill Valve

    Intalling the new fill valve
    Aaron Stickley

    Set the fill valve into the toilet tank. Make sure the nipple is facing the overflow tube. Tighten the nut under the toilet tank by hand until firm. Then use pliers to tighten just a little more.

    Reconnect the water supply line to the fill valve. Once again you can hand tighten first and then use pliers to tighten a little more.

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    Connect and Make Adjustments To The Fill Valve

    Connect the new toilet fill valve
    Aaron Stickley

    Install the fill tube clip onto the overflow tube. Cut the rubber hose to length and connect it to the fill tube clip. Turn the water back on and check for leaks under the toilet tank.

    Adjust the water level appropriately for your toilet. The tank should fill to a marked water line.